Did you say Bananas?


So let's say you want to grow bananas but not in your home, You want a big farm. 1000 hectare of land though you don’t have any experience you say that you’ll hire people for that.

So How do you get the money, what are your options? Let's see.

Ask your dad?

This option will work only if you are from trump family.

Get a loan from the bank?

Duuhh!! do i really need to say something here.

Get Investors to fund your dream?

How, What, why ……..get out of here with your bananas.

Make an ICO?

Banana Coin! Wow! I want that. Does it really looks like banana.

And your search for your banana dream was successfully fulfilled with ICO. In a nutshell, this is happening with Banana Coin.


We invited the banana Coin team(from Russia) on our slack community for an interview, they recently completed their ICO and will be growing bananas in Laos (A country, I knew that you didn’t know) and exporting to china(really?).

Ok, I understand there is a lot to observe from above. There just are so many countries involved.

So when I asked them, how you protect the your investor’s investments? , They said you can always get Bananas by selling your banana coin.
So I asked if I am in India(BTW i am from India, Don’t you go back), and I get some banana Coin, how I’ll get bananas?
They said “In Laos, at plantation. In case you need real banana. Right now, we dont have air-shiping, but this is only because we didnt develop it as well.”
Hmmm !! So in either way you’ll get banana.Did you get it?

Maybe someday they’ll have a drone and send bananas all over the world, How's that? They are also saying that they are looking for a Mango plantation in Cambodia, So here you go MangoCoin.

When I listen to all this and see farmers in India. I feel what if they can get crowdfunding for their farms. They have experience, market, not to mention a lot of mouth to feed and they don’t even need to cross borders to sell their vegetables. How's that?

Crowd Madness

There is so much madness in the ICO world and people are investing in anything which has blockchain in its name.

Example — (Didn’t you read above, do need to tell you more?).

People using fake identities and even no identity, Identity theft, fake advisers, fake promises, you name it, everything is happening In the ICO space.

I am thinking of changing my surname and using the blockchain instead, I don’t know about investors, maybe any girl finds it worth investing(Interested Girls, please comment below).

I have my own concerns and critical view of the project. But who knows the future, So rather than being critical, I’ll find joy in comedy.

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