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SVET is Light, By Svet and Victor

Marx’s ‘Labour-Power’ is the Fantastic Beast which lives hidden inside of all workers. When Marx’s man comes to his work place that Beast transforms his body into the ultimate producer’s shape which would use any means to give his best to the production purposes.

“Taking the exchange of commodities as our basis, our first assumption was that capitalist and labourer met as free persons, as independent owners of commodities; the one possessing money and means of production, the other labour-power.” [Karl Marx. Capital Volume One. Chapter 15. Section 3]

This Beast is simply fantastic in producing the ‘Absolute and Relative Surplus-Value’, which it does in no time and the best way under all imaginable circumstances, specially when being provided by improved tools. However, then the Capitalist appears to take the Surplus-Value from the paws of the Beast, living that man with only small ends to support its miserable existence.

Naturally, Marx elaborated, the reduction of working-day, put forward by the ‘Factory Inspectors, directly under the Home Secretary’ [Karl Marx. Capital Volume One. Chapter 10. Section 2] can do nothing to protect the Beast-Man against the Capitalist’s Greed. The Fantastic Beast is just too good. It alway manages to squeeze the Surplus-Value into every moments of its production activity, which leaves a man with no choice but to surrender this Surplus anytime the Capitalist materializes in front of him.

Accordingly, if we part a man from his Beast then the formation of the Value becomes the Mystery. Unless, of course, we also part the Value from a man.

Let us suppose that the value exists not as a beast inside of a man but as the one outside of him. The value is the consensus about the significance of all things relative to the size of ‘an average man’. Man’s size determines all his vital necessities. Lack of one of those necessities leads to the man’s misery. As a man evolves in time, that evolution attunes his emotions to subconsciously avoid a state of the necessities’ deficit.

Attuned emotional apparatus provides a man’s brain with positive chemical stimuluses while confronted by things which might help him to avoid this deficit. Consciously, a man associates the high value with intense positive stimuluses and vice versa.

However, because ‘Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human’ [Aristotle, Politics, Book 1, Section 1253a], he (man) is primarily influenced not by his own emotions but by the ‘collective standard emotional response’. It means that a man tends to value more those things which are chosen by the majority ‘emotional voting’ or by the ‘value consensus’.

‘Additionally, as we all know, ‘New species have appeared very slowly, one after another, both on the land and in the waters.’ [Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species, Chapter 10]. That makes man’s basic set of emotional responses (and, consequently, the ‘value consensus’) relatively historically homogeneous.

Value is not the Mystery Beast.

Althought, Ricardian economists derived it from an amount of time spent by workers on the material production that hypothesis contradicts both ours common sense and intuition. David Ricardo and its successor — Karl Marx — would not value an idea or an inspiration or an enthusiasm. However, we all know otherwise.

Evernomics is the Economics of the Eternity. Humans tend to preserve their emotions for posterity as well as their golds and better than their pyramids. Evernomics introduces the S.V.E.T. analytical framework, which groups emotions into sixteen Deeps or analytical categories.

Each deep relates to one specific area of humans’ social and business activities or works, which tend to affect corresponding parts of our bodies’ sensibility or vulnerability mechanisms generating a similarly strong emotional response in all human beings.

Humans’ works or occupations are changed from generation to generation following the path of our ingenuity, which is responsible for the societal technological progress but emotions stay unchanged. That is how the Value is formed and passed from our ancestors to our grand-children.

S.V.E.T. Deeps:

1st Deep is the ‘Security’ or ‘Safety’. It is the human activity, which rises strongest emotions and, consequently, becomes one of the most valuable of Humans’ possessions. It takes many forms while being publicly considered in a social context, including, ‘body security’, ‘family security, ‘national security’. It is, also, closely associated with such notions as ‘reserves’ and ‘protection’.

2nd Deep is the ‘Velocity’ or ‘Vigor’. Its associates are ‘exercise’, ‘routines’, ‘organization’ and ‘health’. That activity helps us to grow and to extend our influences as far as it is allowed by our natural predispositions. In a business unite it is showed by its ability to reach to as many customers as allowed by market conditions. Consequently, it rises in us the strong emotional response in a case those activities are threatened from outside. We highly value everything which helps us to preserve our ability to grow.

3rd Deep is the ‘Engineering’ or ‘Environment’. All things we touch or see or smell are those which surround as, which are close by. Accordingly, we attach a very high value to emotions generated as a result of our interaction with our material surrounding. In products of our business activities we seek harmony of all its parts. Products which perfectively attune to our senses are valued much higher than the rest.

4th Deep is the ‘Transparency’ or ‘Tradition’. It is also associated with ‘governance’. The question ‘who governs us and how’ has always been of the utmost importance for all of us. We gave strong emotional signals to anyone trying to suppress our natural freedoms. We value our ability to immediately recognize factors which might led to our oppression. That ability heavily depends on an amount of information which we are able to acquire. Accordingly, the availability of that information has a high value to us.

5th Deep is the ‘Singularity’ or ‘Selfness’. We preserve our identity as much as we protect our life. We do not like being duplicated. Accordingly, in our commercial interactions we value rare products much higher than those which are common.

6th Deep is the ‘Volume’ or ‘Voice’. Our senses are highly affected by the size of impulses we receive and the amount of interactions with external environments we have. High, pitched voices irritate us while deep, slow ones relax and confident us. The most valuable interaction among humans a through the voice. Most frequent voice communications provide with a richest emotional context. On a material side we highly value big objects or a big number of small objects. Its associate with ‘wealth’.

7th Deep is the ‘Empathy’ or ‘Ethics’. We empathize with our tribesman — with those who share our believe system and our ethic. We emotionally engage with our owns on a deep spiritual and intellectual levels through common symbolisms, including, language, religion and science. The larger our tribe — the more value it gives to our owns. Commercially we value most those objects which are valued by the most of our tribesman.

8th Deep is the ‘TimeLine’ or ‘Tomorrow’. Our senses of the future connects us to the reality. Our inability to predict this future gives boost to our fantasy, which leads to inventions. That is an area of a highest order of human emotions. Regularly procuring livelihood in a course of our economic interactions requires accurate forecasts. We value very high our imaginary ability to plan and to predict future events.

9th Deep is the ‘Solution’ or ‘Sole’. We manifest ourselves in actions. Our ability to deliver positive results affects our mood everyday and spontaneously rises positive emotions in others. In our long-term enterprises we highly value their underlaying constructs which allow them to consistently generate revenues for us and our family members.

10th Deep is the ‘Validity’ or ‘Vintage’. Humans do believe that they are rooted in their traditions. That is the way we falsely try to preserve our own for the eternity. We value our dignity and our blood line extremely high and try to conserve its in our laws. We pass our estates to our posterity by ink records. We place the high value on old things with remarkable records.

11th Deep is the ‘Equity’ or ‘Exit’. We accumulate possessions in a form of equity which supposes to take care about us when old ages. That also emotionally connects us to the future generations.

12th Deep is the ‘Team’ or ‘Tribe’. The composition of our family and of our tribe as well as our relationships with them affect our emotions daily. That value goes equally in both directions of our personal and social lives.

13th Deep is the ‘Sustainability’ or ‘Sense’. The state of ‘flow’ when our subconsciousness interacts flawlessly with our senses allowing us to act spontaneously without mistakes has a significant value for all humans. A sustainable business accumulates value by its stubborn persistence in time.

14th Deep is the ‘’Valor’ or ‘Venture’. Aggression is valued as human capacity to actively resists entropy. Venturing to conquer more living space tomorrow than it is in its possession today is a main driving engine of a commercial company. In area of finance that conquest is also associated with rising prices.

15th Deep is the ‘Engagement’ or ‘Enlistment’. Besides spiritual purely geographical or structural relations significantly affect our emotional relations with our tribes. An official belonging to or partnering with an organization has a big commercial value.

16th Deep is the ‘Transactions’ or ‘Talent’. Emotionally the talent has the great human value as the prerogative of human social and individual progresses. On a business side, however, it is mirrored by a multitude of artisans abundantly producing a popular art piece to satisfy a current consumer demand for it in as many transactions as it is feasible from the economic point of view.

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