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    I have my main website on FASO (Fine Art Studio Online).  It's professional looking, easy to use, provides fabulous customer service, is relatively inexpensive and has a huge variety of templates and color schemes so you don't look EXACTLY like all of the other websites out there.




    As I said in my last blog post, it also incorporates a blog, a newsletter and many other features which allow the artist to self promote.  As Jim commented in my last post, the FASO blog is mostly read by other artists... sort of "preaching to the choir", but that's okay... artists buy art too.  I know I do, at least.


    Since the beginning of the year, I've had a few sales which were not from galleries or shows.  This is something I find particularly gratifying because somehow it verifies that a NEW collector is looking at my art... not just the group that frequents a certain gallery.  The first two paintings were purchased by a new collector who had seen some of my work up in a show in Santa Barbara, but the one she had been interested was already sold so she has been following my website for about a year.  Hmmm... Interesting and wonderful of course.


    Then I received an inquiry from a person in Arizona who didn't want to use PayPal.  (My work has prices listed with a PURCHASE button which goes through PayPal.)  In almost every case the inquiries from people who didn't want to use PayPal in the past were scammers, so I was wary.  BUT I was happy to find out that this person was a real person with a real interest in my work.  While discussing payment and shipping arrangements, I asked how they happened to come across my work.


    Multiple Marketing Efforts by FASO


    Apparently she receives the Informed Collector Newsletter from FASO.  She is not an artist although she has ties to theater arts and enjoys fine art.  The particular Informed Collector Edition was one which had lists of upcoming show receptions on it.




    I always put my upcoming shows in my upcoming events section of the website and FASO gathers relevant ones for this edition of I.C.(Informed Collector).  They also have editions with articles about specific artists or those they consider especially noteworthy.  This particular issue had one featured show and several regional shows.  My work was in a show called "Blue". 



    Sequit  12x12 oil/ linen   Available


    The collector had evidently been looking at several of the artists in these newsletters but found that she liked my work and thought my price range was reasonable.   She selected the Grand Canyon piece because it was from near her home.  (I had a wonderful Grand Canyon painting adventure a while back and have several paintings created from the places I was awed by.)   (Click this link to read about the adventure  (LINK) )




    Incidentally, after all payments were arranged, but before I had shipped the painting FASO came out with another promotion which included this:

              Oh Beautiful   9x12  O/L  SOLD


    I also found out when I was looking at new subscribers to my newsletter that FASO indicates those which have come to by website through ART ALERTS such as those two kinds you see above.  I have several new subscribers to my newsletter because of these efforts on FASO's part.  


    Would you like to sign up for my newsletter -- Get the latest updates on shows, current thoughts and perhaps some news you can use?




    I've been with FASO for over 10 years and they keep changing, improving tweaking and trying to market our art!!  Does your website have all of these perks??   You can tell I'm a great believer!!!


    How about you?  What web service do you use for your business?



    You can view Marian's original post here.




    Editor's Note:

    If you want to start marketing your art, a professional and secure website can be your most valuable tool. And FASO is the easiest way to build and maintain a gorgeous website, we also include amazing marketing tools that automate many common marketing tasks for you. Sign up today for a free, no obligation 30 day trial.

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