Seen on the Screen: Forging Ahead in the Fight Against Fraud


“So far, the session that has left the greatest impression on me is ‘Seeing What You Want to See: How Confirmation Bias Affects Fraud Examinations.’ It was helpful to examine my own bias, how it could hinder a fraud investigation and what I can personally do to make sure I remain objective to the facts of the case. I will definitely use this information immediately.” — Ugunda Toussant, CFE, Senior Investigator at Kinecta Federal Credit Union

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“The Global Fraud Conference is AWESOME! I am learning so much from the expertise of fraud fighters, their real-life experience in fraud is shared so abundantly, the stories and lessons are so moving. A great quote I heard today is Your actions make your words either meaningful or meaningless.’ Other than the great networking, people we meet, and information we receive, I got to see how courageous fraud fighters are, just for the sake of ‘doing the right thing.’ Every session provides so much information and key takeaways.” — Hala Sakha

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"It is a great privilege attending my first ACFE Global Fraud Conference — the ACFE staff has done an exemplary job of gathering and coordinating a cadre of erudite, honorable presenters who are driving enriching, impactful sessions and underlining the growing sophistication of fraud schemes amid an expanding fraud risk landscape. The wisdom transfer amplifies our anti-fraud acumen — allowing us to foster wide-ranging better practices, work across silos, choosing truth over self and collectively demonstrate being a force for good." — Zahid Islam, CFE, Senior Financial Analyst at General Mills

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“Having achieved my CFE certification this last December, attending the 32nd Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference has been an incredible opportunity for me to collect perspective and resources. What has stood out for me is the importance of ‘connections’ within the anti-fraud field. Whether it be the underlying connections between prominent, high-profile cases as they can applied to the day-to-day workflows provided in our current scopes of work, or creating interpersonal connections to enhance and expand one’s own personal and professional savvy, the importance of what is past and present are necessary components to crafting our future of fraud prevention.” — Dessa Nalwood-Arrow, CFE, Senior Investigator, Trust & Safety at Intuit