Cihan Polat


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    Cihan Polat


    Watercolor 31 x 41

    Istanbul Sunset Mood by Cihan Polat was awarded Outstanding Watercolor in the April 2021 BoldBrush Art Contest & Exhibit





    Having lived in Germany and Italy while working as an IT professional, I settled down on a small town on the north west coast of Turkey nearby the Aegean sea, which is famous with its quality olives.

    I do paintings using watercolors for more than a decade. I got the expertise of the medium as a self-taught artist.

    My inspiration is mostly the city and the nature. I like painting atmospheric skylines, street scenery, rural landscapes or a forestry. Nevertheless, I believe in, any subject can be an authentic artwork. My vision is creating a harmony of shapes, colors and subject matter with the aim of creating a memory and feeling of acquaintance on the viewers eyes. I even like to tell stories in my artwork. I add occasionally some figures in an abstract way, where it supports the story. In my landscape paintings, I may utilize directional lines in a minimalist improvised approach. I am keen on the atmosphere in the painting in overall.

    Watercolor is a unique medium to work with freedom and authenticity when it is used effectively, which then requires a masterfulness. I believe, my artworks will appear with a certain level of mastery of the technique and with uniqueness of my brushstrokes.




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