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    This article is by Dave Geadaa strategic adviser to FASO and a marketing expert with over 20 years of experience in brand management, product marketing and product management. Through his consulting company, DBS Marketing, Dave helps technology companies develop valuable insights into their customers and what matters most to them. Then he helps turn these insights into marketing and product strategies that drive sales. As a regular contributor to this newsletter, Dave helps explain latest trends in online marketing and how artists can tap into these trends to help boost their art sales.





    Artist always ask me for tips on the most effective forms of marketing. One thing I tell them is that email marketing remains one of the best channels to promote your art. This is often met with a doubtful roll of the eyes. Surely, they say, other channels like social media, search and video are far more effective. Actually, no. Email is still way better for a few important reasons:

    • Everyone checks their email every day, and most people check their email over 30 times a day. So if you send someone an email, they are likely to see it in their inbox.

    • Email gives you the best return on investment (ROI) of any other form of marketing. It costs almost nothing to send an email, and you can reach people as many times as you want (within reason, of course).

    • Email is the only marketing channel that you can own and completely control. Nobody can change the rules on you. Google can change their search algorithm any time they want (and they have). Facebook also continually plays around with their advertising rules. Email is completely under your control.

    So if email marketing is so effective, why don't more artists do it? The short answer is, it's a lot of work. You have to come up with a topic, you have to write copy, you have to add images to make it look nice, you have to proofread everything and you have to check every link to make sure that it works properly. All of this takes time away from what really matters, namely practicing and getting better at your art everyday. So what's an artist to do?


    A couple of years ago, I set out to solve these issues and created a new marketing automation tool specifically for artists and built it right into FASO. It's a tool that automates email marketing for you. It's called the "Get New Art Alerts" feature, and I'm going to show you how it works.


    By the way, some of the examples I'll be sharing with you come from the website of one of our favorite artists, Jeremy Lipking. Along with being a gifted artist and a great person, Jeremy is also a BoldBrush Master Signature Artist.

    Every FASO artist website gets the "Get New Art Alerts" link added to the footer. Here's an example from Jeremy's site. We've circled the link in red:




    When collectors click on this link, FASO captures their email address. Then whenever Jeremy uploads new art, collectors automatically receive a gorgeous email like this one:



    What could be easier? And if Jeremy ever wants to commit the time to publishing his own newsletter, we make it really easy for him to do that with FASO's built-in newsletter feature. Best of all, when Jeremy does decide to publish his own newsletter, he'll already have a list of collectors waiting for him! That's because every time a collector signs up to receive new art alerts on Jeremy's website, we also ask them to subscribe to Jeremy's newsletter.


    So what happens after we notify your followers that you've uploaded new art?


    Results an Artist can Expect

    We ask art lovers who receive new art alerts (if they would like) to provide feedback to the artist. That feedback takes two forms: Likes and Sales Leads.


    1. Example of a report an artist gets of all the people who clicked "Like this Artwork" on a particular artwork from the Get New Art Alert email, along with their email address and comments.

    This report is aggregated and sent daily.



    2. Example of a "Purchase Inquiry" (sales lead).

    If a user makes a purchase inquiry, it is sent to the artist immediately, along with the user's email address and question, which is usually, "what's the price?" or "Is it available?"



    If you're not using FASO, what are you waiting for? We have great promotions, like this one where we'll promote your new art to over 49,000 collectors just for becoming a paying member. We're confident that you'll love your new FASO website and all the great marketing tools like the "Get New Art Alerts" feature.



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    Until next time, remember that Fortune Favors the Bold Brush.




    Clint Watson

    BoldBrush/FASO Founder & Art Fanatic


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