Shannon Taggart


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    Shannon Taggart


    Mixed Media 10 x 8

    Yellowstone from Space by Shannon Taggart was awarded 1st Place - Abstract in the April 2021 BoldBrush Art Contest & Exhibit 





    Shannon Taggart's passion for ink abstractions has allowed her to broaden her scope of technique and variations for art in the marketplace. She uses Yupo, canvas and tiles as her medium."Abstracticational Art", as Shannon articulates, is her technique of melting Yupo paper with a design element as the focus. In using the abstract background as the palette, the design overlay gives depth, texture and a "story" to her work.  Her use and exuberance for bright, vibrant colors accentuate that story making way for innovative and unique artwork.


    As an additional sphere, Ms. Taggart translates her bold strokes and innovative color combinations to the realm of Wearable Art.


    Le Galeriste, in Montreal Canada, uses Shannon's abstract patterns to create lovely clothing designs that have garnered a loyal following. Her abstractions provide the company vibrant and unique offerings to their international clients.

    "See Art...BE Art" is Ms. Taggart' motto for her new venture. 



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