Jan Griggs


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    Jan Griggs


    Acrylic 48 x 48

    Sail On by Jan Griggs was awarded 2nd Place - Abstract in the April 2021 BoldBrush Art Contest & Exhibit 





    “I love painting abstracts.  Colors, shapes, lights and darks can be arranged and re-arranged to create the feeling and emotion coming from within the artist.” An artist all her life, it was in 2010 during a special week-long mentoring session in Taos, New Mexico that ignited her passion for abstracts. “My work is a collection of places, feelings of color, light and dark, movement and stillness that I translate into abstracted forms.”


    Jan’s work is acrylics on canvas or heavy watercolor paper with a variety of tools to move and manipulate the paint. “My artistic process is intuitive and spontaneous. My parameters are the color pallet I choose and the shape and size of the surface I am painting on. I have a very basic idea of what I want to create and let the flow of color and paint guide me.”


    Originally from Washington State, Jan Griggs now makes Scottsdale, Arizona her home with her husband Rick, and their forever 75 lb. puppy, Ruger.  The desert has influenced  her latest work, while is still being  influenced by the cool grays, blues and greens of the Pudget Sound area. 




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