7 Instagram Marketing Strategies for Artists



    If you've been consistently active over the last 84 days, the algorithm will look at all of your engagement as recent and will favor your profile (hence the term "Recency of Impressions").


    That sounds complicated however, it really isn't. It means that, as with all things marketing, it's important to stay top-of-mind. So all you really have to do is make sure you post to Instagram on a regular basis so that you always have recent engagement.


    We suggest you start by posting at least a couple of times per week. Make sure your posts are relevant to your art career and be sure that they are interesting to your followers (more on this in future articles).


    You can then determine your engagement by tracking the number of likes, shares, comments, and saves that you've received on your posts.


    The key here is to just continue to stay in front of your audience.


    Following these basic steps to get started will keep your profile recent and help with further engagement for Instagram's algorithm.




    PS - Dina Brodsky has an incredible class available, Instagram for Artists, that will teach you, in more depth, everything we plan to cover in this series and many other things you need to know, as an artist, to maximize the marketing value you get from Instagram, including ideas about how to present and sell your art. Get her course by clicking this link.


    PPS - We've temporarily made the video of Dina's webinar free on BoldBrush Studio. You will need to make a free BoldBrush Studio account to watch it. You may create that account by following the instructions on the following page: Click here to setup your free BoldBrush Studio account.


    After signing up, you can watch the video at this link. (but you must sign up first).




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