Denise Croft


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    Denise Croft


    Watercolor 21.5 x 20.5

    French Braid by Denise Croft was awarded Outstanding Watercolor in the March 2021 BoldBrush Art Contest & Exhibit 





    Denise D. Croft has been expressing herself through art since she was a young girl.  She attended Arcadia University from 1979-1981, studying representational drawing, painting, and other foundational art subjects.  After leaving Arcadia, Denise married and was busy raising  5 children - homeschooling them for 15 years.

    She remained active in her artistic endeavors; continuing her education through small group instruction. 

    Denise received lessons in portraiture from Diane Rapissi, as well as lessons  in oil & watercolors from Valerie Smith Pope. She uses traditional methods of drawing and painting to capture the beauty and essence of scenes that inspire her. She paints a variety of subject matter including: still life, interior, seascape, landscape, portrait and figurative scenes. Subject matter and lighting are the elements in a scene that initially intrigue her.



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