Run a Chia node


Recently, Chia network become popular because of its new Proof of space consensus.

In this article, we will just show you, the steps to take to run a Chia node on your computer.

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If you want more information about how to use your free space to earn money you can check below article:

Mining using your disks free space


The installation is very simple, you just have to follow the installation instructions of the project. However, remember you will need more than 300Gb of free space to run the simplest node (you will certainly not earn a lot of money with it).



After installation lunch the GUI.

cd chia-blockchain-gui
npm run electron &
Chia GUI

Then, add a plot and setup it.

To run one node of 101.4GIB, you will need, more than 300GB of free space. If your disk is full, the plotting will stop; you are supposed to be able to continue plotting if you add more free space. But, in my case plotting never progress after the disk was full.

Setup plot

The plotting will take about one day.

When, plotting is finished, you can save the resulting plot to another disk, like a slower hard disk.

Resulting plotting log
Full node status
Result after plotting finished
Farm overview

Estimated Time to Win is 8 years and in the (?) it is said in reality it will be 2 or 3 time longer. So about 20 years to earn something…


Launch a Chia node is very easy, but it takes (many) times. Unless you have plenty of free space, you will not earn money. GPU mining looks to be a better and faster way to earn some money with your computer.

Before try, you should estimate your reward using the below tool:

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