Erika Litteral


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    Erika Litteral


    Digital 12 x 12

    Creativity Comes Alive by Erika Litteral was awarded Outstanding Digital in the November 2020 BoldBrush Art Contest & Exhibit.





    Erika Litteral, a gal from Fayetteville, Georgia, is a talented and robust artist. She brings a form of surrealism to her work in digital images that can be shocking, funny, and painful while always remaining profoundly beautiful. Her use of pain reminds one of Frida Kahlo, the surrealist, "Female Dali," and the profound beauty, perhaps, of Dali, himself.

    Her most fabulous artistic experience was visiting Savannah Cathedral as a Girl Scout. Moved by its glory, she exclaimed, "Oh, my God," But to revile in the joy of seeing such beautiful Paintings, her peers chose to try and belittle her. The chastisement didn't break the spell. One can sense this religious passion in her work and life.

    A creator and explorer as a child, Erika, arranged and changed her room following different artistic whims, altered her look and style, and effected social and public, popular artistic impressions in the like of one of her favorite artists, Andy Warhol. She would gain a great understanding of social-art, which would undoubtedly pay off in today's world of social media.

    Drawing people by the unusual to the surreal, Erika creates an enveloping dream-world. Perhaps not for the faint of heart but certainly for the adventurer, the free-spirit, and the malcontent. If one doesn't notice the strangeness of this world, how can he appreciate it's beauty? Erika brings them together... Soundly and with vigor. Though she doesn't know which way each idea will lead, when she sees the bright light of inspiration, she follows.



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