5 Ways to Start the Year Right


    This post is by Ann Atkinson, regular contributing author for FineArtViews. Ann is a studio manager for Steve Atkinson Studio and a web designer, "Shining the light on artists and their creations." KINDNESS - COLLABORATION - CREATIVITY - CURIOSITY - EXCELLENCE

    January is such an optimistic month.  It's the dawn of a new year, full of hope, dreams, and anticipation for good things to come. Wouldn't it be great to make those dreams come true?  This simple Artists New Year's Checklist, with just 5 steps, will help start the year out right. 

    #1 Freshen up the Website with an updated copyright notice and new imagery on the Main page.

    Make this as simple or elaborate as you like.  At a minimum, update the copyright notice in the footer to include 2021.  Not using a copyright notice?  A simple option is adding "Copyright 2021 [enter your name] | All Rights Reserved.  

    The Contact navigation category makes this a 2 minute task.

    Change the Main Page image or slide show for an instantly refreshed greeting to your online visitors.  Choose from your best, most recent works.  Remember... use great photos!

    Head over to the Works category, Add/Edit Slideshows link to get this done.  Prefer a single image?  Simply click Your Site's Home Page to swap out the image.  Total time: 10 minutes.  Set aside extra time to choose the work and get great images.

    #2 Add Events to the Website so collectors know when and where they will find you.

    First, make sure FASO's Events category is added to the Navigation Bar.


    Next, open the Events category to add all the events with which you plan to participate.  Even if the final dates are not set, add the expected month to the entry.  Guess what!?!  You've set a real intention to create work that will be presented to a willing audience.


    When appropriate, add event works to a hidden collection until it's time for their reveal.  Add new events as they come along.


    #3 Know your Due Dates to finish and deliver work on time. 


    Whether a juried exhibit or an open studio date, make note of important dates for each event.  Such as dates for submitting jury applications, advertising images, social media posts, delivering the work, and opening reception.  Hard copy, digital, or a wall with sticky-notes all work well.  Just chose a calendar format that works for you.  


     #4 Tell the World when and where to find you and your work.  


    Share what makes the event something they can't miss!  Reveal why you participate, what you're creating, when and where your work will be seen.  Hey... this is good for 3 to 4 social media posts!


    Use Facebook, Instagram, or other social media publishing tools to start drafts for each message.  Add your stories and images to each draft.  Schedule posts to publish on a set date and time.  


     #5 Stay in Touch with people interested in your work.


     Grow your subscriber list.  When someone takes an interest in your work, ask them to sign up for your newsletter.  Keep the Sign Uplink bookmarked on your smart phone.  Write and send regular newsletters to your subscribers, with a different perspective than you've shared on social media.  Tell your story, and bring followers along for the journey.  Announce upcoming events and invite them to join.  Share with them, thoughts and things that matter to you.  Give a glimpse into your artistic world.


    Following these 5 steps will help to finish work in time to promote you and your creations, to entice the people drawn to your vision and expression. 


    Dreams really can come true.




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