Robert Brown


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    Robert Brown


    Acrylic 20 x 14.75

    "1860" by Robert Brown was awarded Outstanding Acrylic in the November 2020 BoldBrush Art Contest & Exhibit.





    Once upon a time on March 7, 1953 a little boy was born, his name is Robert Scott Brown. By the time he was 5 years old he was drawing and painting on just about anything he could get his hands on. He also made working things out of what most people considered junk. In his first year of school the teacher wrote something in his yearbook, it said " I'd like to be a cartoonist like Al Capp then drawing pictures would be quite a snap " Since then drawing has been quite a snap for Robert. He grew up entertaining everyone with his pictures even if they made some of his teachers a bit angry!

    After graduating from high school Robert attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY with the dream of becoming an illustrator like Norman Rockwell. Soon he was painting book covers in the publishing business working for companies like Bantam, Ballentine, Dell, Avon, McGraw Hill, Simon & Schuster, New American Library, Fawcett, and Scholastic Books. He also dabbled in advertising but his real passion remained in publishing. He periodically worked in house and one Summer while he was working for a music company who produced vinyl LP's he was asked to paint several album covers for RCA records.

    During his freelance career Robert was often commissioned to paint for private collections. Robert soon became interested in painting interior and exterior murals too. From landscapes, to portraits, to murals, his painting were soon everywhere. In addition to his own unique and individual style, Robert also possessed the uncanny ability to convincingly duplicate other artist's techniques just in case someone wanted a copy of the Mona Lisa.

    He's taught as an adjunct professor at S.U.N.Y Farmingdale on Long Island, The Fashion Institute in Manhattan, and BOCES continuing education also on Long Island. Robert still continues to paint & teach privately as well as incorporating his 3 dimensional skills to sculpt while also working as a master carpenter to improve and embellish local homes here in New York State and the neighboring boroughs.

    Art is simply a three letter word but if you think about it, isn't our entire planet simply one huge work of art?

    My work is is currently in the November 2019 issue of Artist Portfolio Magazine as one of their featured artists.



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