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    This post is by Clint Watson, former art gallery owner and founder of BoldBrush , known for FASO Artist Websites , the leading provider of professional artist websites, the $38,000+ BoldBrush Painting Competition and the free daily art marketing newsletter, FineArtViews. As a self-proclaimed "art fanatic", Clint delights that BoldBrush's San Antonio, Texas office is full of original art, as is his home office. You can connect with Clint on Twitter , Facebook or his personal blog at clintavo.com .




    Why Email Marketing?


    "Cube-grenade" creator, and back-of-business-card cartoonist Hugh MacLeod has built a career out of selling his art online.


    Here's what Hugh says about his success and the role of email newsletters:
    “I’m a cartoonist. This is my tenth year blogging. My work has been mentioned in big media including Wall St. Journal, Financial Times, New York Times, and The Guardian. It’s been mentioned in bestselling books...on thousands of blogs, including many of the big, A-Lister ones...none of that “hot PR media action” has moved my business forward nearly as quickly or effectively as this one simple thing: My newsletter subscribers telling their friends about my newsletter, and suggesting that they sign up” - Hugh MacLeod [Source ]

    Here’s the main reason you should start email marketing: Email Newsletters Work. Period. Nothing can compare to the level of directness and intimacy with your fans that you can achieve with email.


     That’s why artists, gallerists, art marketing coaches, gurus, experts and even collectors all encourage artists to utilize email newsletters.


    Below is a non-exhaustive list of the benefits of email marketing:

    • You will nurture your connection to and positive relationship with your audience, followers, fans and collectors.
    • It’s a great way to promote and market your art.
    • It’s a great way to promote and market your workshops and videos.
    • It’s easy.
    • It’s inexpensive.
    • It’s a channel everyone uses, and a channel most people check first thing in the morning.
    • It’s a way to stay “top of mind” with your audience. As Jason Horejs of Xanadu Gallery says, “Your biggest risk with collectors is not that they will stop liking your work, it's that they will stop thinking about you.”
    • Importantly, it’s a channel that’s mostly unfiltered and uncontrolled by big companies with an agenda. (With a few exceptions, like Gmail).
    • It builds you an asset that you own. Owning your marketing asset pays huge dividends and will open opportunities to you that you can’t foresee when you’re just getting started. You will have the ability to reach out, anytime you want, and promote anything you want.
    • A strong email marketing program protects you against the changing whims of your galleries, Facebook and Instagram. It's a channel you own and have a high degree of control over. If a gallery goes out of business, you can still reach out to your audience with email marketing. If Facebook bans you, you can still reach your audience with email marketing. If Google drops all your search listings, you can still reach your audience with email marketing. Owning your own marketing assets provides insurance for your art business career against galleries failing and Instagram changing their algorithm in a way that stops showing your artwork to your followers.
    • It’s effective. The ROI of email marketing has actually RISEN and is now $42 of return for every $1 spent. [source] Email Engagement has gone up every year. People are spending more time than ever engaging with emails.


    Email marketing is something that every artist should do. It doesn’t matter where you are in your artistic career.


    When you’re just beginning you can use your email newsletter for feedback about your art and as a way to build an audience who will be there for you when you are ready to sell.


    At mid-career, you can utilize an email marketing program to build a relationship with your collectors and to make sales.


    When you become a master artist, you can use your email to promote workshops, classes, videos or even utilize it to affect greater good in the world by encouraging your followers to support great causes.




    Clint Watson
    BoldBrush/FASO Founder & Art Fanatic



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