Jeremy Goodding


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    Jeremy Goodding


    Oil 28 x 22

    Spanish Memories by Jeremy Goodding was selected as a Finalist in the September 2020 BoldBrush Art Contest & Exhibit.




    Jeremy Goodding is an award winning oil painter.  Drawn to the challenge of creating his own compositions, he primarily focuses on still-life with an emphasis on light and shadow. 


    Art has captured Jeremy’s interest for as long as he can remember.  No matter what stage of life Jeremy was in, he was unable to escape the desire to create beautiful paintings.  Having been raised on an eastern Nebraska Farm, Jeremy has an innate connection to the land and its natural beauty. This often influences the natural look and mood of his work.  


    Time at his easel, painting, has been Jeremy’s most profound educator. In addition to this, he occasionally studies with other renowned artists. Master painters, Hovsep Pushman, Rembrandt, and Emil Carlsen have also influenced Jeremy’s work.   


    Jeremy resides in Lincoln, NE with his wife, Iris, together they have 3 grown children. Jeremy paints daily from his home and studio. 


    Artist’s Statement:  I strive to create paintings with a captivating visual idea through the abstract beauty of paint while retaining the essence of reality. The paintings are sensitive, yet dynamic, using the subtle drama of light, color, and movement. My paintings incorporate subject matter, harmoniously arranged, from pottery to simple leaves. Each painting should enrich, bless, and evoke a sense of wonder concerning truth, the natural world, the world of a painter, and life.


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