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    This post is by guest author  Natascha Wernickguest contributing author for FineArtViews. Natascha has been passionate about supporting creativity and artists all her life. In 2017, she decided to develop her networks more broadly and to support creativity on a global scale. In her role for Colour In Your Life TV show, she is enjoying collaborating with brands, liaising with artists, TV Companies and publication houses on an international scale.

    Whilst we are quarantined with COVID19 we suddenly have to learn new technologies in order to keep connecting with people on the outside


    Family, friends, colleagues, peers are all wanting to have face to face connections online.


    If you are an old hand at this it is simple. But if you are new then you will be creating lots of ungainly up the nose shots and no doubt annoying people with your dishwashing noises.


    I have been working with this technology for the last three years and so I find myself in the position where I have now coached dozens and dozens of people about Video call etiquette.


    I have put together 5 main tips for video calling in general and an extra tip about Zoom in general.


    If you wish to book a coaching session with me, so I can help you get onto the video call faster, please contact me. I have helped people of all ages and I can generally get you up and ready in about 1/2 hour.


    5 Coronavirus friendly video call tips!

    1. MUTE button 
      • Mute yourself as you start the call.
      • Learn where the mute button is and leave it on unless you are speaking.
      • On the laptop often you can simply press the space bar every time you wish to speak.
      • Consider using headphones for privacy.
      • The session does not work when two people are speaking at once. You need to wait until one person finishes speaking.
    2.  Location
      • Consider how you look and the lighting.
      • Consider your camera angle.
      • Watch out, we don’t want to see up our nose, nor in your ear!
      • Aim so that we can see your head, shoulders, and torso.
      • The device microphone is better than you think. You do not need to yell, or even talk loudly.
      • Place your device up to ½ metre to 1 metre away and we can still hear you.  If we can’t  then move the device closer. 
      • Consider using the same spot every time so you don’t have to rethink the camera angle and lighting every time.
    3. Commitment
      • Commit to listening and speaking clearly without judgment.
      • You will be heard. The call host will give everyone a chance to speak.
      • If you feel you need to be heard, try putting up your hand and then all can see that you want to talk.
      • Commit to staying still and listening to others on the call.
      • Find a quiet spot just for you and your video call friends.
      • If you cannot to commit to sitting in one place for the call duration , then stop your video and  mute audio and just listen, and contribute when you can.
      • Moving the camera around from room to room or from place to place can be distracting,  noisy and can cause motion sickness for the viewers.
      • Use your alarm to remind yourself 15 minutes before the call to get yourself ready. Get a drink, use the bathroom, set up the lighting, get a comfortable space. Once you are ready then click the call link.
      • Consider letting others in the house know that you wish not to be disturbed 
    4. If you drop out
      • Sometimes the internet can be unstable.  If you drop out simply jump back on again.
    5. Learn your chosen video call platform
      • We will be using this form of communication  for a while. It helps  with emotional sanity, connection, partying and playing  games etc.

    Extra Tip




    I find zoom is best for big groups and scheduled  and organised meetings.


    To change between gallery and speaker views,  on the laptop, move the cursor over the upper right corner of the meeting window. (The view option named there is the ?opposite? of the view option showing on the meeting screen – the view you could change to if you click on it.)


    On the phone swipe left or right.


    You can see how we use zoom in our Colour in Your Life conversation calls including this last one we made last week for our facebook fans.



    Until next time, thanks for watching and don’t forget to put some Colour in Your Life. 

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