Denis Barry


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    Denis Barry



    Digital 15.5 x 25

    Cleos Sphere of Destiny by Denis Barry was awarded Outstanding Digital in the August 2020 BoldBrush Art Contest & Exhibit.




    While my wife and I were first dating, while in college, we went to a party off campus.  The person's home had so much contemporary art on the walls and we spent most of the evening looking at each piece and enjoyed discovering art together.  So, when we were married, and bought our first home, we wanted to put art on the walls.  Of course, we could not afford to buy the art we really liked.


    One day, while at one of the art galleries we enjoyed, I said that i thought I could probably make something that we could enjoy.  Of course, my wife said "Then do it!".  Well, after throwing a few things in the trash, I finally came up with a couple geometry wall sculptures and a painting that we enjoyed hanging on the walls.


    Finally, we were able to purchase a painting and the gallery offered to come to our home and hang it for us.   While there, the gallery owner asked about the other pieces we had on the walls.  After finding out that I made the pieces, the owner asked me to bring in 5 or 6 pieces into the gallery and they may be interested in selling my art.   That was in 1992.  The gallery was Copeland Fine Art Gallery of Columbus Ohio, and I became a popular resident artist for the gallery until 2008, when the gallery closed due to the owner retiring.


    That's when and how I started.  I have enjoyed experimenting in a number of different media even yet today.  Lately, I talked with another artist who said that maybe I should concentrate on only one media and develop perhaps a series.  Maybe... but my mind takes me in many directions.  Why change?!!!



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