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    Even as an artist you need to have a system in place when you are ready to sell your work.


    As part of your business plan, a sales Customer Sales Plan or Strategy is where you identify how you are going to actually sell to your customer. Once you have established who your customers are and what you are selling, you then look at where and how you are selling.


    We shall discuss three methods of selling art:
    Selling online, selling in person, and selling through galleries.



    Selling Online Checklist:

    1. Ensure you have an Ecommerce program connected to your website.
    2. Make your website as clear and simple and, directs the collector exactly where you want them to go.
    3. Once they click that "buy now" button or "add to cart", what happens then? Are they recommended another product?
    4. At the checkout, do have you enough payment options?
    5. Is your commerce site set up to send the buyer notifications once the item in-process?


    1. Have you packaged the item safely?
    2. Have you considered adding a special free gift- a card, sketch, postcard, magnet to add in the postage? This will help them to remember you more.
    3. Follow up. Have you considered a follow-up call or visit to see how the artwork has suited the buyer?
    4. Consider asking for an "in situ" photo, testimonial or publishable comment.
    5. Have you added this customer to your database or email list for buyers/collectors?
    6. What is your communication strategy? How often and for what reason do you contact the buyer? I recommend you refer to a previous article about email marketing.


    Selling In Person


    This can be the easiest and/or hardest way of selling your art, depending on your personality.


    Offering your artwork to a buyer whilst you are present means you see the effect that piece has on the viewer. This can be, of course, positive or negative depending on whether the buyer likes it or how timid you are. :)


    Ideally, you are full of confidence, or experience, and invite the collector to view several of your art works so they will have a choice.


    Because you are selling in person, it means you have the chance to share more about yourself, as an artist, and your story. Remember this is one of the main reasons why collectors buy art - because of the story behind it. Tell your story with confidence and flair. Explain how the artwork relates to your story.


    You want to get the customer into a position where they need to have that art work as it is a piece of you, your story, something they have connected with.


    If you are selling in person, you may like to offer a glass of wine in the viewing. It is much easier to part with money when alcohol is involved, that's why so many art exhibitions have the essential wine at the desk.


    Your after-sales strategy when selling in person will then be the same as your online sales strategy. See AFTER-SALES STRATEGY



    Selling Through Galleries


    Selling through a gallery is different again, as the galleries like to manage the sale, marketing, purchasing, and keep the contacts. If a gallery sells your artwork to a buyer, it is still recommended that you follow up on the AFTER-SALES STRATEGY above.


    The main thing to remember with Customer Sales Plan is to consider the collector your friend with whom you are building a long term relationship.


    You want to build a strong relationship with them so they will wish to return year after year to purchase. Those who have bought one piece of your artwork will definitely be open to purchasing more as a collection of artwork by the one artist is valued more than if it is only a single piece.


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