NBdomain Beta Released

Beta Release

The decentralized domain system, NBdomain, has launched the beta version today.

In this version, it has the following key updates:

  1. The private key is not required anymore
    Unlike the alpha version, Users will be able to use their wallets to register and manage the domain. Currently, supported wallets are Maxthon vbox and Volt Wallet .
  2. Users can apply for “ Free Domain”
    We believe to make the best use of the NBdomain, we shall make it serve users all over the world. So we provide a “Free Domain” option for people who have financial difficulties or just want to try it out. Check out the detailed rule on the website.
  3. Use NBdomain as Global ID
    You can use NBdomain to login to the system to manage your domain. It demonstrates how to use it as a login ID to provide better security and better user experience to apps.
  4. Domain auction
    We believe the market is the best place to set the price of the domain. So we built an auction feature for users to get some cool names. It’s totally built on blockchain with p2p payments.
  5. Use domain as payment alias
    You can use nbdomain as a payment alias (just like paymail but in a decentralized way). Currently, supported wallets are Volt wallet, Maxthon VBox. Other wallets are coming up as well.
  6. Create NBpaymail
    NBpaymail is a feature built on NBdomain. Unlike paymail, it can support different kinds of cryptocurrencies, we are working with more wallets to add support.
  7. And much more to discover…
    NBdomain is an open system. Anyone can use it to create innovative use cases.

The beta version of the NBdomain can be accessed at https://app.nbdomain.com . Please keep in mind, it’s still in the beta stage and may have bugs.

You are more than welcome to join our group to discuss NBdomain and how we can reInvent the Internet using blockchain. https://t.me/nbdomain


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