Multi-client Ethereum networks


kotal is an opensource multi-client cloud-agnostic Blockchain Kubernetes Operator that makes it easy to deploy highly available self-managing self-healing blockchain infrastructure (networks, nodes, storage clusters …) on any cloud.

In other words, Kotal is Afri Schoedon 😎 in Docker container managing your Blockchain network and nodes.


The Ethereum network does not have adequate client diversity. Because of this, a critical consensus bug, or another denial of service attack affecting the Geth or Prysm clients could severely impact the smooth operation of the network. — source.

Kotal currently supports Hyperledger Besu, Go Ethereum (Geth), and Parity (OpenEthereum) Ethereum 1 clients 🚀 and Nethermind is coming soon

Creating a cluster of 3 nodes using the above client to sync the Rinkeby test network is as simple as deploying this manifest

If you want to know how to customize the above network i.e: enable RPC, enable GraphQL, change ports, disperse nodes across regions or availability zones … etc, read the docs.

Using Kotal you can create client-diverse private and public networks using different consensus algorithms like Proof of Work (ETHash), Proof of Authority (Clique), and IBFT2.

🌈 Multi-Client Ethereum 2.0

We’re working on supporting the wide spectrum of Ethereum 2.0 Clients: Lighthouse, Teku, Nimbus, and Prysm. In the near future, node operators will be able to create multi-client highly available beacon chain nodes and validator nodes without the risk of slashing.

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