Tomoaki Orikasa


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    Tomoaki Orikasa


    Sculpture 12 x 9

    To The Moon - 4th try by Tomoaki Orikasa  was awarded FAV15% in the July 2020 BoldBrush Painting Competition.




    In 1994, Orikasa came to United States  from  Japan to study business at University of Central Oklahoma.  During  study abroad, he came across silversmithing  class as art elective.   This art class convinced him that he could make living in art related field. So he changed his major from business to Art in his sophomore year.


    In 1998, Orikasa graduated with a Bachelor’s of Art from University of Central Oklahoma. After graduating he took a job as an assistant, under the guidance of Master Foundrymen Steve and Mark Palmerton. He became Chief Wax maker in 2000 and he become chief mold maker in 2004.  Orikasa has been contributing to create monumental bronze sculpture for over 20 years. While Orikasa is working as a founday man up this day,  he also works as a freelance sculptor and jeweler.


    Orikasa's early works were focused on abstract concepts in expressive figural forms and jewelry design which both remained at majority of his works until he began constructing anamorphic creations Yolk Art bronze series around the year 2005. As Orikasa became more comfortable blurring the lines between his artistic vision and reality, he started to create studies in narrative work. Living between spoken languages brought body language to the forefront of Orikasa's narrative anamorphs and eventually led to the birth of  Eggtion Figures  early 2016. Over the year that followed Orikasa perfected the production and assembly of small parts that allow him to articulate his works into emotional fluency. The moments his sculptures capture portray simple, relevant human experiences that are commonplace.


    Artist Statement


    My creative drive is challenging close gap from my visions and ideas to physical limitation in realityI use various styles to describe emotion and messages of the vision I wish to portray. I attempt to emphasize what most essential is to me in each piece. Then, I create shape to it in the most appropriate mediums and styles, then transfer to more permanent medium such as bronze, polymer resin, and plaster.  In order for me to communicate with audience freely, I try not bind by any one particular style.  The most important thing to me is to have the freedom of my own tone with a particular subject and not to be restricted by previous expression or predetermined approach. The art I create is as much a part of discovery in craftsmanship as it is to explore the extent of my subject.


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