Eco-Track Supply Chain And Recycling Services using IOTA


Since August 2019, I started working on my graduation project idea which is a supply chain system to keep track of products from manufacturing to end-users. Where end-users could earn some IOTAs as rewards for putting their products in our smart trash. Eco-track consists of a mobile app for the supply chain, one for the recycling and a website for registration. I used nodejs, IOTA and IPFS to create a REST API. I documented all my graduation project development journey through these four articles :

Parsing Data

Track Products API

Tangle &IPFS database

Recycling System

All these articles demonstrate the logic. Now I am going to share the final output with you. But before that, I am going to explain what Eco-Track do.

What Eco-Track Do Exactly?

Eco-Track is a supply chain system interested in two ledgers. The first one is the factorization of products till end-users. Each end-users with the supply chain mobile app can update the product’s status and gave his feedback to achieve the highest transparency.

The second ledger is from the end-users to the recyclers and it uses another mobile app for recycling. I explained this ledger in details in the Recycling System article.

You can see a simple demonstration of the two apps here

Sharing the Eco-Track With You

Now, after I got my grade which is A+ by the way💃 . I am glad to share Eco-Track as a public repository. I did not only share the source code but I included all the resources I found or used like:

  1. Blueprints, articles, papers and projects similar to Eco-Track.
  2. Diagrams I created for the graduation project.
  3. My own created Prototypes simple apps + some IOTA tools I tried like IOTA decentralized data marketplace.
  4. DevOps: parsing test cases then deploy a website using IPFS (incomplete test cases).
  5. Three mobile apps (supply chain, recycling and NFC tag read/write).
  6. I included my seed filled with some faucet IOTA from coment Tangle.

You can check the readme file. I tried to be as clear as possible. If you face any problem, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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