Tezos account reports in USD, EUR and BTC on TzKT Explorer


Until today you were able to download Tezos accounting reports from TzKT explorer in XTZ coins only. But now you can also get reports in USD, EUR and BTC, with price settlement at the time of operation.

TzKT Tezos Indexer v1.1 has been released. Now it supports indexing of market data aligned by block timestamps. You can switch between various quote providers (TzktQuotes and Coingecko are supported at the moment) or easily create custom ones.

Tezos API built-in market data

The coolest feature is injecting historical prices right into TzKT API responses, so you can, for example, request Tezos transactions in USD, EUR or BTC at the time of operation. All you need to do is append the ?quote= query parameter to your request url specifying comma separated list of required currencies ( BTC, EUR and USD are supported at the moment).

Tezos account tax reports

In addition, we are pleased to announce the highly anticipated account statements (.csv reports) in various currencies (BTC, EUR, USD) based on historical prices (at the time of operations). Currently, default quote provider use CoinGecko market data.

We believe this will help build accurate Tezos tax reports.


Originally published at https://baking-bad.org on August 5, 2020.

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