Lara Lenhoff


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    Lara Lenhoff



    Acrylic 24 x 24

     Underlying Issues by Lara Lenhoff was awarded 2nd Place - Abstract in the January 2020 BoldBrush Painting Competition.



    The paintings that I create are inspired and motivated by the energy of the music I am listening to; the lyrics, rhythms, and my personal interpretations of the song. My appreciation for architecture and design also influence the abstract cityscapes. Earlier works had much darker color palettes, but today my work is much more vibrant and energetic because I’m in a better place. For the most part, I’m a self- taught artist. I’ve learned how to utilize creative expression to find healing and balance. I was very fortunate to have two incredibly encouraging art teachers in my youth, and my work is transitional and heavily influenced by my reaction to my environment and appreciation for design and architectural structures. I am also a singer and have been playing piano since I was 8 years old. When I am in the studio, I am in my own little world and happy place. I am a person on this earth that fully envelopes my artistic endeavors and I put every fiber of my being into what I create. My intention with my work is to provoke thought, encourage conversations and dialogue, illuminate depth in the human experience, evoke emotion, and share my passion and pieces of myself that are all encompassed in what I create. If you are a collector, appreciator of art and life experience, and wish to have something uniquely custom made for you, then message me at any time. I am also an artist that gives back and have been engaging with various non-profit organizations to raise funds through curating art shows and music events for the past five years. 




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