Dilleen Marsh


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    Dilleen Marsh



    Oil 11 inches x 17 inches

     Wistful by Dilleen Marsh was awarded 1st Place in the January 2020 BoldBrush Painting Competition.




    Dilleen Marsh (b. 1952) works from her home studio illustrating and painting. For 14 years she was a Designer and Senior Designer for The New Era Magazine in Salt Lake City, Utah. During that time she was a board member of Lallapalooza, a non-profit children's experiential art program. This led to working with Washington Elementary's Open Classroom for 10 years and creating an on-going art curriculum for grades K-6. As of 2008 she has illustrated 10 children's books and exhibited her work in various Utah shows and galleries. Illustrations from her latest children's book, "The Bamboo Cutter and The Moon Maiden" were selected to appear in the July 2007 Communication Arts Magazine Illustration Annual. Dilleen started posting sketches and written ramblings on Instagram in 2014. You can follow her at dilleenart. She also writes a blog about her process and several children's art projects at dilleenmarshart.com. She is diversified in style and content with all her work directed by her Art Statement: "I am the possibility of clearly, boldly, and joyfully communicating an idea through art."  



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