Jodie Kain


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    Jodie Kain



    Pastel 23 x 12

     XIII by Jodie Kain was awarded Outstanding Pastel in the December 2019 BoldBrush Painting Competition.



    Beginning at a young age, creating art was central to my daily life. I was fortunate enough to have attended Robert Beverly Hale’s studio anatomy class at the Art Students League of New York for three semesters, just a couple of years before his passing. This experience set the base of my artistic approach: an emphasis on strict anatomical modeling and other elements of the classical method. The highlight of working towards a BFA at Pennsylvania State University was studying under Artist in Residence Rob Neffson, a photorealist using the then-new methods of Richard Estes, building on the classical academic tradition. A couple of years later I had the opportunity to live in London where I attended The Heatherley School of Fine Art. This training was supplemented by figure study classes at several artist’s studios, most notably the studio of June Collier.

    The next 20+ years were spent chasing a paycheck with minimal time for sketching. While my career in tech, especially large graphics systems, was rewarding, it was not as fulfilling as creating artwork. To get back into the groove of creating fine art I completed the Bargue & Cast curriculum at the Academy of Realist Art in Boston. During this time I was able to phase out my tech work and set up a studio. I’m now working full-time creating pastel paintings.


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