Episode 10: YOU Are the Cure


    This post  is by, Eric Armusik, regular contributing author for FineArtViews. Eric is best known for his classical figurative paintings for private collectors and churches alike. Currently, he is painting 40 large, 4ft x 5ft panels of Dante’s Inferno with the assistance of renowned Dante Scholar, Dr. Christopher Kleinhenz. A museum exhibition and comprehensive book will be available once the collection is completed. Eric teaches painting and drawing online to students worldwide, click here for more informationIf you'd like to take advantage of his new student discount for Fall 2019 click hereHe’s extremely passionate about inspiring and empowering artists through his blog, Underrated Artist as well as his popular YouTube channel, “The Truth About Being An Artist. 


    Covid-19 will not defeat us or our creativity. Learn lessons from Shakespeare, Victor Hugo and Dante and filter your fear and helplessness into something beautiful and magnificent. My very best to you and your families. We will get through this.






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