Free download of financial crime novel


Some of you may know that my obsession with financial crime spreads into my personal life, and that my hobby is writing historical financial crime novels.  My first series is narrated by a magistrates’ constable in London in the 1820s, and the first in this series is called “Fatal Forgery” – and it’s all about bank fraud.

As my little contribution to battling the corona boredom blues, from now until Thursday I am offering the e-book of “Fatal Forgery” as a free download on Amazon.  (That’s an international link, so it should take you to your relevant Amazon site, wherever you are.)  The plot is guaranteed free of plague, contagion, lurgy, virus or pox, so it’s perfect escapist reading – and with the financial element, it might even count as CPD!

And please: tell all your friends and family – the more the merrier.  It could be the ideal book for a virtual book-club, and everyone can get it for free!

Happy reading, everyone, and keep safe and well.