NBdomain: A Global ID owned by you


In the introductory post of NBdomain, we mentioned that NBdomain can not only fix the problems that the traditional domain system has but also provide exciting new features. One of those extended usages of NBdomain is to create a global ID, owned by users.

Do we really own our IDs?

Current ID system

We have a lot of IDs, from google account to an account from some used-and-forgot website. But if we ask ourselves, do we really own those IDs? The answer is NO. The IDs are owned by the company/entity that created them. The ID can be easily disabled/deleted or transferred, without users' consent.

Do not own your ID means you can lose everything created by that ID, which happens every day. People lose their blogs, tweets, connections, photos if the corresponding ID is disabled or deleted by the company.

Do not own your ID also means you don’t have a way to prove the ownership of any activities/IPs created by the ID. That’s why KYC is required in some cases, but the cost is losing people’s privacy.

Having an ID owned by the user himself/herself is a very important link to next-generation internet.

NBdomain offers a solution

In the NBdomain system, every user’s ownership is recorded on the blockchain, which can be mathematically proven by his/her private/public key pair.

Let’s say if a user, Bob, registered a domain name Bob.bsv on NBdomain. We can definitely say domain Bob.bsv is owned by user Bob. And Bob could verify his ownership by his private key.

Therefore, Bob can use Bob.bsv as his Global ID.

An app could be built to accept Bob.bsv as the login name and ask Bob to sign a piece of data to prove his ownership. If he could prove, he would be able to login to the app.

Brief login flow using NBdomain

By using Bob.bsv as his Global ID, Bob now has an ID that’s owned by himself, not other companies. No one can modify or delete his ID because it’s immutably saved on the blockchain. With more and more apps that support this login method, Bob can feel relaxed by not having to remember different IDs from different apps.

Why apps shall support NBdomain as the ID?

From the app perspective, there are numerous benefits by accepting NBdomain as the ID system.

  1. Cost-effective: If using NBdomain as the ID system, the app can save a lot of time by avoiding developing an account system, which may cost some time and money. Especially for startup companies, every penny counts. Not to mention maintaining such system will have continuous costs as well.
  2. High security: NBdomain is built on blockchain which has much higher security level than a small to middle size company can build and maintain.
  3. Engage more users: With existing NBdomain users, they could login to the app without having to register at all. It has been a common knowledge that registration is a big barrier to engage users. By eliminating the registration stage, the app can engage up to 50% more users.
    All apps that have enabled NBdomain ID will engage a common user base, which will grow day by day, with more apps in the eco-system.


NBdomain can be used as a Global ID that’s owned by users, not companies. That will not only save users a lot of trouble remembering different IDs but also be very helpful for Apps to grow their user base and lower the cost.

The alpha test has started now, please Join US.

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