African American Visual Artists in North Carolina


Today American Black History Month comes to an end. Are you curious about African American artists from, or working in the state of North Carolina? Well, look no further. Here is a (short) list to get you started on your journey!

Two of my favorite artists from South Eastern North Carolina have been discussed in prior articles on DailyArt Magazine. So make sure to check out Ivey Hayes and Minnie Evans on the website before leaving!

Harry Davis

 African American Visual Artists in North Carolina
Harry Davis, Sharecropper’s Children. 2013, Source: Kindrd Magazine (Online), 2020.

Harry Davis was a self-trained artist who worked in oil paint. He focused heavily on African American life in the Southern United States as well as African thematic art.

Endia Beal

Endia Beal, KYANDRA & SHAKIYA, From the series “Am I What You Are Looking For?,” 2016, Source: Photoculture, 2020.

In her photography series titled “Am I What You Are Looking For?” Beal focused on representing the notion of workplaces wanting diversity and inclusion and what that actually means.

Dare Coulter

African American Visual Artists in North Carolina
Dare Coulter, You Are, N.d., Source: Midtown Magazine (Online), 2020.

Coulter’s artworks embrace the African American culture in so many ways. Two examples are the color palate and the subject matter. She works in various formats including murals, sculptures, and paintings on the subject of African Americans.

Vandorn Hinnant

Vandorn Hinnant, Together We Rise, 2014, Source: Vandorn Hinnant (Online), 2020.

In Hinnant’s own words his sculptures represent the “ancient knowledge of relationships”. They are philosophical in nature and are also meant to make the audience question the universe around them.

“I work with the geometries as if I am composing sacred music for the edification of the spirit of humankind.” – Vandorn

Vandorn Hinnant, 2020

Beverly McIver

African American Visual Artists in North Carolina
Beverly McIver, Blinding Light: Whatever Might Rise, 2018, Craven Allen Gallery-House of Frames: Durham, 2020.

McIver completed this series while on a year long fellowship in Rome to work on her art. Her work focuses on the lives of African Americans, as well as her own. In a statement from Craven Allen Gallery, McIver stated that:

“Since I returned from Rome, I’ve been fascinated with those who courageously share their authentic selves with the world. I continue to create portraits of white males in blackface, black women in body paint, and men who dress in drag. I remain intrigued by masks, dress-up, and how we as humans choose to define ourselves.”

Personal Statement, Craven Allen Gallery-House of Frames: Durham, 2020

Antoine Williams

African American Visual Artists in North Carolina
Antione Williams, The Ain’t Gots (Installation), 2016, Source: Antione Williams (Online), 2020.

Williams’ uses his art to comment on many aspects of African American culture in the current climate of the world, but specifically the United States. The Ain’t Gots focuses on the young African American men who have lost their lives by law enforcement in the past several years.

A Much Longer List

There are many more African American visual artists in North Carolina, both past and present, in the African American communities throughout North Carolina. Choosing only a handful was a rather difficult task. If you ever find yourself in the state, look for work by these artists and many more!

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