Lyubena Fox


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    Lyubena Fox


    Oil 70 cm x 50 cm

     Traveler's Desk by Lyubena Fox was awarded 2nd Place in the November 2019 BoldBrush Painting Competition.



    My goal as an artist is to build up on what we’ve learned from the past, so we can create within our fullest potential, during the present. This applies to several aspects in life.

    As an oil painter I stand for mastering one’s crafts, meaning to know your materials, the different ways to use them and the chemical reactions towards their surroundings. This results in producing high quality works, which will last in time.

    I value the importance of the good design. So as to create visually pleasing paintings, they are created following the logic of how the eye perceives: seeing the details in the context of the form. The images are composed of places, full of details for the eye to explore and places where the eye can rest.

    A lot of symbolism is used, whether old (accumulated throughout history) or new (emerged more recently), to illustrate topics concerning one’s emotions towards life. By presenting my statement I strive to make the viewer better understand themselves; urging them to think about how they feel and what they stand for; discovering who they truly are.

    Art is a tool to scratch beneath the surface and reach a deeper understanding of our existence.

    With my art I strive to capture the transitory beauty and emotions of life.



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