Squid’s in


Something of a departure for this money laundering-obsessed blog (and an extra to my weekly post, which will appear as usual on Wednesday), but please indulge me.  I have been running a one-person AML consultancy for nearly a quarter of a century now and it occurred to me that I know a thing or two about working alone.  Many people these days are taking the (voluntary or reluctant) plunge into self-employment or consultancy and I thought they might appreciate some thoughts on how to enjoy the solo working lifestyle.  And thus was born “The Solo Squid: How to Run a Happy One-Person Business”.  As the back cover blurb explains, this is very much not a book on how to set up a one-person business: it is about how to enjoy working alone.

It’s out now on Amazon, as both a paperback and a Kindle book [the two listings should link soon], and I hope to get it into a few independent bookshops as well.  I have registered it with Nielsen (the UK’s book database) and once they have catalogued it, you will be able to order it from any bookshop in the land.  So if you run a one-person business or are thinking of doing so and wondering how to make the most of the experience, the Squid could be the book for you.