John Pozo


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    John Pozo


    Other 24 x 56

     Viaje astral by John Pozo was awarded 3rd Place - Abstract in the October 2019 BoldBrush Painting Competition.



    Pozo contemporary Latin American artist, born in 1978 in the United States of Dominican parents.


    Since very early age begins to feel much interest in art. His training begins at the age of 15 at the (ICA) Institute of Culture and Art in Santiago de los caballeros Dominican Republic.

    After 2 years in private classes and workshops, Pozo then decides to settle in N.Y. Where he begins his self-teaching training discovering himself as an artist where he acquires new techniques and styles.

    With an abstract expressionism style, I want to highlight the Symmetry and purity of living creatures, perfection in insects, faces and the unknown.

    My ideas explode out of nowhere, to show the aggressive attitude, beauty and sadness. Full of high textures. Combining oil, acrylics, plastisol and other materials. The completion of my pieces, is very uncertain. 


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