$3.5bn Invested in China’s Blockchain Startups / Vodafone leaves Libra / 2019 DApp Market Report

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$3.5bn Invested in China’s Blockchain Startups / Vodafone leaves Libra / 2019 DApp Market Report

January 22, 2020

The landscape is continuing to take shape as we’re almost a month into 2020 and seeing no signs of slowing down! Let’s dive right in on all the recent happenings of the blockchain, DApps & DLT landscapes. China’s blockchain startups received $3.5 billion in roughly 50% lower than in 2018. Vodafone becomes the latest to quit the Libra Association. The NBA continues its involvement in blockchain with the Sacramento Kings releasing a sports gear auction platform built on the Ethereum. Dapp.com released its 2019 Annual DApp Market Report with insights and learnings of the emerging DApp landscape. Blocktower Captial shares its major industry themes for 2020. Square gets more bullish on bitcoin announcing a ‘Lightning Development Kit.’ Hacker Noon begins storing content on a blockchain.

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We even found room to cram in plenty of research (Q4 2019 Blockchain Landscape & DApps Landscape) & books (on Digital Assets & Enterprise Blockchain) along with insights on venture capital (new funds + M&A activity!!), infrastructure, DApps, Bitcoin, Economics, Exchanges, and Stablecoins. For MORE and to keep you up to speed, here’s a snapshot of the top stories this week around the industry.

🏀 NBA’s Sacramento Kings partner with ConsenSys to launch sports gear auctions on Ethereum

The Sacramento Kings basketball team has established a partnership with a blockchain software developer firm ConsenSys. This partnership is aimed at releasing a sports gear auction platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. This platform uses Consensys’ supply chain platform, Treum, to authenticate auctioned items and maintain a record of a transparent audit trail of transaction history made on this new platform.…read more

📈 15 Blockchain Questions That Will Make You Look Smart

Blockchains and distributed ledger technology have always remained so confusing. Alison McCauley, a writer on Forbes, interviewed several top executives to get a clear view of blockchain. Through the interviews, she managed to create a list of critical questions that executives have in their mind regarding blockchain review…read more

🇨🇳 Report: China’s blockchain startups got $3.5 billion in 2019

According to the 2019 blockchain investment and financing report, there were 245 investment and financing deals in China, with some $3.5 billion invested overall. Both numbers are roughly 50% lower than in 2018, though significantly higher than in 2017. Popular investment areas included: blockchain news/market intel, exchanges, and DeFi, and traditional VCs took a back seat in 2019. Most investments came from newly formed crypto funds.…read more

📖 Why the World Economic Forum Is Creating a Blockchain ‘Bill of Rights’

As with any technology, the ultimate promises and perils of blockchain technology will come down to individual decisions made across its strategy, development, and implementation. It’s impossible to control all these design choices, but there is still room for alignment among key players on what the minimum standards for the technology should be. That’s why the World Economic Forum’s Global Blockchain Council is creating a “Blockchain Bill of Rights: Design Principles for a Decentralized Future.”…read more

📖 Hedera Hashgraph CPO: ‘The Adoption Of Blockchain Is Going Faster Than I’ve Seen In IoT And AI’

Lionel Chocron, Chief Product Officer at Hedera Hashgraph, highlights that the adoption of blockchain is going faster than IoT and AI, noting IoT takes longer due to the need for connecting millions of devices. With blockchain, it’s easier than IoT and AI, for, in its journey towards mass adoption, blockchain relies on neither significant hardware investment nor on substantial volumes of data…read more

🇨🇳 China Launches First Facial Recognition Car Rental Service Using Blockchain Technology

Third-party online and mobile payment platform Alipay has collaborated with Wukong Car Rental to allow consumers to drive off in their rental car after interacting with the machine. The new model has integrated with Alipay face recognition payment system, which reportedly completed the entire process without an attendant or manual car inspection…read more

Research To Read This Week:

Dapp.com has released its 2019 Annual DApp Market Report today, providing the community with rich insights and learnings on activity throughout the emerging decentralized application (DApp) landscape. The report includes 2019 totals in new applications, significant events, tractions volumes, active users, leading themes, and more.

  • The number of active dapp users in 2019 has doubled compared to 2018, from 1.48M to 3.11M. There are 2.77M new users who experienced decentralized apps. User retention is still a problem for dapps — there are only 348K old users remaining active in 2019, accounting for 11% of all active users.
  • Financial services (eg. lending dapps) have the most impressive user growth in 2019. The number of financial dapp users has increased by 610% and the transaction volume has increased by 251%.
  • Among the 6 blockchains included in the report, EOS had the highest dapp usage rate from its mainnet accounts — 48.91%. This means that there was 1 account that uses EOS dapps in every 2 accounts activated.

You can find the full report here.

More For Your Week:

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Australia could regulate Facebook-led Libra project

Vodafone becomes latest company to quit the Libra Association

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DApps (Decentralized Apps) Watch

📖 Block.One Will Not Launch Its Social Network on EOS

Block.one, the company behind the largest initial coin offering (ICO) in history, won’t be using the public EOS mainnet to launch its cryptocurrency-powered social media platform Voice. According to the company’s FAQ page, revealed the new application would run on a private deployment of EOSIO software. It’s non-committal about ever running on EOS…read more

📖 Decentralized Data Storage: Empowering & Protecting Privacy Through Blockchain Technology

Thanks to the advent of blockchain technology, it is possible to create decentralized storage solutions where data is stored on multiple computers or servers. This eliminates some of the typical issues we´ve previously analyzed while at the same time rewarding users by sharing their storage space and uptime. Some of the companies on the blockchain space working on decentralized storage are Sia, Storj and MaidSafe, which are based on blockchain technology and peer-to-peer architecture.…read more

📖 Grasping Lightning: Mapping the Key Players in Bitcoin’s Next Phase

Behind the scenes, there are many more developers working on implementations such as Blockstream’s c-lightning and France-based Acinq’s Eclair. While the developers behind each of these software tend to focus on different features, and they’re written in different programming languages, all three are interoperable, meaning transactions can be sent between them with no bumps. To this day, developers from these three groups continue to hold bi-weekly IRC chats to discuss future changes to the protocol specifications…read more

📖 The year of Proof of Stake blockchain launches by JK | stake.fish

📖 Kadena Introduces Chainweaver to the Cosmos Ecosystem by Rebecca Rodriguez

📖 [Updated] Getting Started With Infura by Michael Wuehler

🔮 Futuristic Reads

This week I’m pressing pause on podcasts and thinking towards the future with an in-depth read of Tim Maughan’s recent post “How Science Fiction Imagined the 2020s.” Enjoy!

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