Laura Welshans


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    Laura Welshans


    Oil 36 x 24

     Villages of Provence by Laura Welshans was awarded 1st Place - Abstract in the October 2019 BoldBrush Painting Competition.



    Drawn to painting through my love of travel, I am lead to paint architecture and landscapes. This work allows me to relive the memories and experiences of my journeys as I am creating. This aspect of the process is as exciting for me as seeing and hearing what the collector experiences when viewing each piece. 


    The pull I feel towards vibrant colors and the interaction those colors have when placed side-by-side on the canvas is the reason I paint. Laying down thick slabs of paint layers in abstract expressions with my palette knife frees my mind to let my emotions flow onto the canvas. The whole process of impasto allows for speed and fluidity with no time to second guess my stroke, leaving a bold impression. 


    In sketching, I pay no attention to what the subject is, but rather I am able to condense it into shapes that make up the whole. I reduce it into the most important simplistic shapes needed to convey the meaning to the viewer. The use of color in these shapes imparts a literal translation, and allows the viewer to understand the association to the initial subject. 


    “Impressions into Abstraction” showcases the paintings that evolved from my trip to Provence, France.  The impressionistic paintings lead into the larger abstracted translations of the region. This collection of paintings is my interpretation of where I was, what was seen and in some cases what I wished I had seen.


    Exploring the relationship between color, light and space, and how those three elements interact to form shadows is the basis of my newest abstracted collection. “Shapes and Shadows” documents the fragile organic beauty of Earth’s canyons, caves and mountains from a single moment of time.


    Laura Welshans is an artist based out of Little Rock, Arkansas. Her work is of an abstract nature made using acrylic and oils, and she uses a mix of palette knife impasto techniques as well as layering and brushwork to achieve her desired effect. Her subject matter is broad, ranging from abstract landscapes to florals. Her goal is to show how the organic nature of the earth and the human-made world coexist through color and shape. 


    To date, she has exhibited within numerous group and solo shows throughout Arkansas including the 61st Delta Exhibition of the Arkansas Arts Center, ASU-Mountain Home, the Arkansas League of Artists Art Member show in which she won first place in Abstract, and at M2 Gallery in Little Rock where she is currently exhibiting. Her work can also be found at, and she invites anyone interested in her journey to follow along on Instagram @laurawelshans and on Facebook @ArtbyLauraW.





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