Irene Bee Kain


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    Irene Bee Kain


    Acrylic on Canvas 

    First Snow by Irene Bee Kain

    One of Our #FASOStory Winners




    Taking a clue from the world around me I love to utilize what I see, architecture, flowers, color and form. From the beginning drawings and photographs to acrylics on canvas or board. X's, swirls, blues, pinks and golds are a common thread you will see. Black abstract and whimsical hilly landscapes have been my current obsession.


    You will notice I paint, love photography & sewing, creating my signature vibe in various enjoyable ways. I try to find a way to incorporate something unique into each art piece that I create, so make sure to take a closer look at the piece that grabs you, you may just find a bit of magic.


    Growing up in San Francisco I was fortunate to have worked with several artists in different fields. Dance, Creative Arts and Fashion. As the years passed, I found that I really enjoyed creating jewelry, painting and redesigning clothes and furniture. Of course, just in my spare time as I had gotten married and was raising a family I never stopped painting and creating my Art, even opening Recycled Soul for a small period back in the early 90's offering patchwork quilted baby throws, herbal remedy sachets and hand painted greeting cards to local boutiques, family & friends. Utilizing recycled, vintage and mixed media materials as they have always been part of my upbringing and art esthetics, then and now.


    Coming full circle, I'm lucky to share a beautiful Studio Gallery at 1890 Bryant!  I am really excited to see the magic my future endeavors bring!


    • San Francisco Women's Artist Gallery Exhibitor 2019, 2020
    • San Francisco Hearts Foundation 2020 Artist
    • Richmond Arts Center, The Art of the African Diaspora Artist 2020


    Always be open to possibilities...every blank canvas has potential- Irene



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