Deborah Tilby


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    Deborah Tilby


    Oil 20 x 40

     Morning On The Lane by Deborah Tilby was selected as a Finalist in the September 2019 BoldBrush Painting Competition.




    I am a representational painter who works both in the studio and in the field.  Most often I am attracted first by the light and shadows which I want to capture in a simple and painterly manner, and then by textures and detail; my struggle is to find a balance between the two. It is something I am always working towards, always seeking to 'loosen up' while still capturing some of the detail that interests me. 

    I was eighteen when I did my first painting, a watercolour, and I was hooked.  Watercolour captivated me for the next 25 years.  I lived in England for part of that time and loved painting  European street scenes,  attracted by the textures and subtle colours of old stone and brick and the narrow streets offering interesting perspectives.

    I now live on the west coast of British Columbia and have been working in oil for many years, still painting buildings and streets but also exploring the local landscape and getting out to the many beaches, finding inspiration in boats, marinas and the sea. I am passionate about my work; I truly love it and paint every day.  Painting is a challenge, but always fascinating and deeply fulfilling.




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