China Blockchain’s World Leader / Nike Tokenizing Shoes / Anthem Using Blockchain For 40M+ Member…

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China Blockchain’s World Leader / Nike Tokenizing Shoes / Anthem Using Blockchain For 40M+ Member Data

December 18, 2019

This week’s edition is packaged full of festive holiday goodies as we saw the released of two new industry landscape maps — Blockchain (Q4 2019) and DApps. We also saw more news coming out of Asia as China looks to become the blockchain world leader. Nike gets prepared to tokenize shoes while Anthem has begun to use blockchain technology to help its 40M+ patients securely access and share their medical data. Gartner released that 75% of IoT technology adopters in the U.S. have already adopted blockchain or are planning to adopt it by the end of 2020. It’s also that time of time for 2020 predications along with the end of the year reports, which we have from Messari, Blockchain Capital and more.

In the DApps landscape, we kick off with Multicoin Capital’s 2019 Edition of their view on the Web3 stack, aiming to show Web3 stack as a set of interoperable networks. We also have 2020 predictions on the DApps ecosystem, along with Flexa’s mainnet launched, the latest on nodes, storage, and WebAssembly. We even found room to cram in plenty of research (Q4 2019 Blockchain Landscape & DApps Landscape) & books (on Digital Assets & Enterprise Blockchain) along with insights on venture capital (new funds!!), infrastructure, DApps, Bitcoin, Economics, Exchanges, and Stablecoins. For MORE and to keep you up to speed, here’s a snapshot of the top stories this week around the industry.

🇨🇳 China looks to become blockchain world leader with Xi Jinping backing

China is poised to take the lead in blockchain after it was given strong backing by the country’s leader President Xi Jinping. The move could allow the world’s second-largest economy to control the development of the nascent technology in the absence of competition from other regions like Europe and the U.S…read more

📖 Nike receives patent to tokenize shoes on Ethereum

In a document posted on the U.S. Patent and Trademark, Office Nike stated that it proposes to generate unique IDs and create ERC 721 tokens for some shoes. People can unlock these tokens by purchasing physical shoes, and these tokens can then be linked with unique owner IDs to signify ownership. The company said we are using Ethereum blockchain to tokenize shoes…read more

📈 Anthem Will Use Blockchain To Secure Medical Data For Its 40 Million Members In Three Years

U.S. Based Health Insurance Company, Anthem has started to use blockchain technology to help patients securely access and share their medical data. The company plans to roll out the feature, which is in pilot testing now. Rajeev Ronanki, the chief digital officer at Anthem, said we are already using blockchain in several ways, and more programs are still in development…read more

📖 Saga launches SGA token to rival Facebook’s libra cryptocurrency

UK-based Blockchain firm Saga launched a new token called Saga (SGA), which could potentially be the next big competitor to Facebook’s troubled Libra stablecoin. The founder of the company said we would focus on bringing out a currency that is fully approved and rely on partnerships and collaborations for its custodianship and payment solutions…read more

📖 What Are The Top 10 Blockchain Predictions For 2020?

Forbes magazine stated that they have several main threads to watch out for, and 2020 is already promising to be the year when the major blockchain protocols and digital assets continue to grow in usage, metrics, and adoption rates. They saw the birth of new alliances, new cryptocurrency trading products, Bitcoin and Ethereum survived the bear market, and a plethora of blockchain protocols matured and expanded in growth. The differences between the major blockchain protocols like Quorum, Besu, Fabric, and Corda remain still significant. Still, there is an open dialogue for collaboration and research into how assets on different chains can co-exist…read more

📖 Celcius CEO Says Entire Internet Will Become an Application on the Blockchain

Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius Network, recently said that there is a war brewing between centralized and decentralized networks. The rise of centralized social media networks has increased in fake news, causing a great deal of confusion regarding the basic facts of issues and events. He mentions a blockchain-based data platform is the only solution capable of combating fake news…read more

📖 If you build a blockchain, will anyone come?

Today, most companies still rely upon point-to-point messaging like emailing spreadsheets to manage their shared operations. Blockchains promise to bring collaboration between companies, enabling the sharing of both factual data as well as business logic across an ecosystem in a standardized, structured and secure manner. So far, however, enterprises have limited themselves to a kind of stripped-down beginner model of this technology, and the limitations of this approach are starting to show…read more

📖 75% of IoT Firms Want to Add Blockchain: Survey

According to a Gartner survey, 75%of IoT technology adopters in the U.S. have already adopted blockchain or are planning to adopt it by the end of 2020 out of more than 500 U.S. companies. Blockchain technologies can create a trusted ecosystem for data transference between virtual channels or devices while increasing the efficiency of such exchanges, according to the survey…read more

Research To Read This Week:

As we’re counting down the final days of 2019 and the decade, we’ve had some outstanding research/reports released this week. I’m expecting more to come in the final days ahead. For now, enjoy the below research from Ryan Selkis of Messari and Blockchain Capital.

More For Your Week:

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📖 Chainlink Positioning Itself Deep Within the DeFi Ecosystem

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🎄 Crypto Christmas Gift Guide 2019 by Decrypt

💰 Africa’s Frist Stablecoin Is Built on Binance Chain

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📖 Decentralized Finance (DeFi): What Do You Need To Know? by Philipp Sandner

📖 Current Market Overview of Digital Assets by David Nage

DApps (Decentralized Apps) Watch

📖 The Web3 Stack, 2019 Edition

Multicoin Capital has released the 2019 Edition of their view on the Web3 stack, which aims to show the Web3 stack as a set of interoperable networks. The most incredible thing about the Web3 stack is that it’s coming together without any centralized coordination. The development itself is decentralized. There is no master architect. This stands in stark contrast to virtually every other development stack on the planet…read more and for more from Kyle Samani

📖 DApps in 2020, Where Are We Heading

In the future, decentralized applications (DApps) will handle many aspects of day-to-day living, slashing costs, and eliminating third parties. These inventions will make peer-to-peer interactions feasible and cut out monopolistic goods and service providers. Nevertheless, before this decentralized utopia becomes a reality, in 2020, we should expect to see more DApps released that will fuel the growing resistance towards web censorship…read more

📖 Battle of Nodes: Songs of Valor

To emulate real-life conditions in the cutthroat blockchain space, an adversarial environment by definition, Elrond conceived an event with combat theme, where node operators are enemies fighting each other for the top rewards. It’s named “Battle of Nodes,” denoting attacks, competitive behavior, and even missions aimed at testing the trust in one another and potentially generating drama.…read more

📖 Second State releases WebAssembly for the server-side by Vivian Hu

📖 The Neon District Token Model by Neon District

📖 Flexa network rewards are now live by Flexa

📖 Here’s Why dApps Are Moving to WAX and Leaving EOS

📺 Tune In:

This week I tuned into The Block’s most recent interview Tom Jessop, President of Fidelity Digital Assets where they discuss how even the best technology may fail when there is no mature market structure.

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