Tom Shropshire


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    Tom Shropshire


    Acrylic 20 x 20

    Quantum Entanglements by Tom Shropshire was awarded the BoldBrush Award for Abstract in the September 2019 BoldBrush Painting Competition.




    Abstract to Traditional with a Contemporary Twist 

    My work often includes unexpected elements of Myth, Dreams or Fantasy


    Tom is an award winning contemporary impressionist. His most recent work includes vivid Impressionistic paintings of city nocturnes  and moody, atmospheric landscapes as well as abstract work. These luminous landscapes  and night city scenes have become widely known as his signature style. Tom is also author of the art instruction book “Acrylic Landscapes”, in the best selling Walter Foster How to Draw and Paint Series.  


    How It All Began

    "I was born and raised in Milwaukee and began my art career in this great city by a great lake! As a teenager I was awarded scholarships to the Saturday Art Program at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Some of the best and most talented student artists in the city were given an opportunity to create art with professional materials and study with top notch art instructors every week. We were also given free reign of the art museum and its world class collection of art to study, discuss, inspire and enjoy. I knew my way around the art museum like my own room. What an opportunity for a young artist to have! But the best part was meeting other kids that loved art as much as I did."


    Traditional with a Twist

    A lifetime artist, Shropshire’s career began early. By the age of thirteen, Shropshire had his first professional art training in adult studio classes with renowned Milwaukee watercolorist Earl Gessert. By age fifteen, he had an agent in Chicago, a solo exhibition of his work, and was competing and winning awards in exhibitions at a national level. His career has spanned over five decades and continues to evolve even today. 


    Tom has won recognition and numerous awards during his career and his paintings are represented in museums, cultural centers and many private and corporate collections worldwide, including Northwestern Mutual, Thrivent Financial, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. His paintings have been featured on the covers of national magazines and on the front page of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He is also a popular painting instructor with a loyal following of students and collectors.



    What Others Have to Say

    In a sea of sameness his work stands out as unique and different, and that difference is a good thing ... 


    Featured Artist - ON ART AND AESTHETICS  the paintings of Tom Shropshire depict cities like New York and Chicago at dusk or night. Skyscrapers are spread before the viewer in rain and fog. A thousand brilliant points twinkle around offices, theatres, shopping districts and fountains – indicating the fast-paced life, the many dreams and aspirations of urban residents.


    Featured Artist Tom Shropshire By Johnathan Elmore Quote from article:“Tom's artwork captures the excitement of being in a city when the sun goes down. He captures the people, the lights, the energy, and sometimes even the rain … He has even delved into the world of what I lovingly refer to as pulp fiction cover art. In a time when gumshoes and dames ruled the pages of dime store novels …” Full Article


    Informed Collector Recommends Artist Tom Shropshire Quote from article: "Fantastic ideas and intense situations captured on canvas with a modern dramatic twist." Full Article


    FASO Featured Artists: Artist Tom Shropshire   Submitted by Brian Sherwin Quote from article: " Shropshire has explored abstract art and fantasy art with the same dedication he displays for more traditional directions in painting. (Carrie Turner) Full Article  


    Holy Hill Met Artist's Storylike Visions Quote from Article: "Winter's Eve at Holy Hill" by Tom Shropshire was selected by Editor Martin Kaiser, Publisher Elizabeth Brenner and me as part of a new tradition to put a work of art by a living Wisconsin artist in the paper on Christmas Day. (Mary Louise Schumacher of the Journal Sentinel) Full Article



    Artist's Statement


    "I am a painter of Abstracts, contemporary night city scenes, atmospheric landscapes and narrative works inspired by pop culture, film, and pulp fiction. I try to express mystery, beauty, and wonder in all my work . I love the rain, moonlight and fog more than blue skies and sunshine and I always have. City lights glittering like broken glass have also fascinated me. The sparkle of city lights, flashing signs, and the pulsing glow of traffic, create a sense of excitement and an underlying feeling of danger and edginess that is almost intoxicating! I love the romance of the city at night. When I look at other artist's paintings I don’t care about their rhetoric, philosophy, biography or fame …I only care about how well they can paint, if I like what they paint, and if I feel an emotional response to their work. Feel free to judge me by the same standards."

    – Tom Shropshire



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