William T Houston


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    William T Houston


    Oil 48 x 36

    Kaihalulu Breathing by William T Houston was awarded The BoldBrush Award in the September 2019 BoldBrush Painting Competition.




    William Houston was born in Montgomery, Alabama.  However, being from a military family, he spent most of his childhood in Southwest Idaho, where he held handlebars, B.B. guns, and snowballs more often than crayons or paintbrushes.  His first interest in art was spawned by a most common motivation... sibling rivalry, after seeing his older sister win a junior high drawing contest for her delicate pastel rendering of a bunny. Though it started as a endeavor of envy, his relationship with art has since matured into an essential and unending journey with many starts and stops, diversions, excuses and moments of triumph, doubt, eureka, and humility. 

    Even though Mr. Houston earned a BFA in painting and illustration from Boise State University, his professional work has not always been related to the fine arts.  However,  he has been lucky to have experiences that have proven that art is his mirror,  telescope, life-jacket, and soap box. William was blessed to work as a caregiver and personal assistant for a Seattle family for 11 years, and because of their kindness and love, he is currently able to focus all of his time and energy into living an “Art life.”

    Mr. Houston currently resides in beautiful and inspiring Hana, on the island of Maui. His work can be found at Viewpoints Gallery, in Makawao.


    Artist Statement

    “Whether I am painting a portrait, a cityscape or an abstract piece, the experience is the same. Every empty canvas holds innumerable possibilities, and each mark I leave is the result of a negotiation with the infinite.  Every stroke, whether made with surgical precision or with reckless abandon must make its case to be left where it is.  So often, some of the most cherished areas of a painting, I end up having to regrettably cover because they either can’t be equaled or they don’t speak the same language as the marks that surround it.

    Each painting is a constant balancing act between composition, and color.  Since I don’t always try to emulate nature and what the eye sees, I am able to use color freely,  but not arbitrarily.  Every patch of color leads to the next and calls for an answer, which is either contrasting or harmonious, depending on the mood or situation.  Navigating those questions is my job as the artist, and sometimes I get the answer right, and sometimes, a wrong answer is not wrong if I change the question.”

                                                                                                                                                 ~William Houston



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