Rotaru Dragos


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    Rotaru Dragos



    Old man by Rotaru Dragos was awarded Outstanding Digital in the August 2019 BoldBrush Painting Competition.




    I was born and raise in Romania and now I live in Bucharest. I studied painting, artistic styles, history art from 10 to 26 years old. It inspire me the life of day by day,  music, theatre, nature and my inner feelings. I choose oil medium because in my opinion this medium helps you feel what you paint, it has a certain elasticity, it allows you to superimpose the color tones, colors that have a beautiful brilliance. The style allows me to translate my feelings on the canvas. I studied fine arts at the University of Fine Arts in Bucharest. I had Henry Mavrodin the painter who was the student of Corneliu Baba, as a teacher.



    1982 - 1986  School of Art in Ploiesti, Romania

    1986 - 1990 High School of Fine Arts "Nicolae Tonitza", Bucharest, Romania

    1992 - 1996  University of Fine Arts Bucharest, Romania


    I've had more exhibitions:

    • Art Gallery of University of Fine Arts (group exhibitions)
    • The Romanian National Art Museum (group exhibitions)
    • Museum of Romanian Literature (group exhibitions)
    • The Romanian Peasant Museum (group exhibitions)
    • The Romanian Cultural Center in Paris (group exhibitions)
    • World Trade Center in Bucharest (group exhibitions)


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