From the ER to Art San Diego with Jennelle Marcereau


Art San Diego 2019 was filled with artwork from all over the world – from local talent in San Diego and Mexico to international art all the way from China. Artists and gallery owners traveled to the largest contemporary art fair in Southern California to share incredible pieces that captivated the public eye and told some amazing stories. Exhibitor and photographer Jennelle Marcereau might be from Seattle, Washington, but she had to travel the world to get to Art San Diego. Attendees couldn’t help but to step into Jennelle’s booth after doing a double take at her jaw-dropping photographs. 

This years theme, [EXPLORE], fit perfectly for Jennelle Marcereau. She has traveled to bucket list places including Death Valley, the Marble Caves of Chile, and Antarctica to name just a few. Her photographs are like a movie trailer, tempting you with a look at the bigger picture, without telling the entire story. Every artist is unique in their own way, but for Jennelle photography isn’t her main career, it’s a hobby she developed as a child. When she is not photographing beautiful landscapes, she spends her days as an Emergency Physician saving lives. She describes herself as an intrepid spirit, and after meeting this adventurous soul, you realize the accuracy of the statement. 

Her piece “Into the Deep” was shot at the Marble Caves of Chile. The end result is truly breathtaking, but as they say, getting there is half the fun. Jennelle began telling the story behind the piece and I realized it was no walk in the park. Before she left for Chile, she was in contact with a local who said she would pick her up at the airport when she arrived. Having no cell service once she landed, Jennelle panicked when she couldn’t reach the woman who was going to host her in the foreign country. A few minutes later, she heard her name across the airport and felt instant relief knowing she was in good hands. While driving around Chile, they turned off onto a dirt road, leading them to a farm where they met a local family. They asked the young boy there if he would take them on his boat to the Marble Caves. When they got to the caves she began snapping photographs, and happily for Jennelle and the lucky attendees at Art San Diego, they turned out better than she could have ever imagined. 

Into the Deep by Jennelle Marcereau

Into the Deep

The story behind “Into the Deep” is just one out of many adventures Jennelle has taken to capture landscapes around the world. To see more of Jennelle’s works, visit her website:

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