A Tool For Signing Bitcoin Cash Transactions Offline

79 is a new tool developed by Bitcoin Cash developer Tobias Ruck. It provides users with the ability to sign Bitcoin Cash transactions offline, without the need for internet service.

Being able to sign and send transactions offline has always been difficult and developers have introduced different methods to achieve that goal such as sending crypto over satellites or via SMS messages. On October 13, software developer Tobias Ruck introduced an alternative way to sign and send BCH transactions offline called

Ruck made a 10 minute Youtube video explaining how works, both from the merchant’s and the customer’s side. He created an offline wallet where the sender doesn’t need to be online to create a transaction. He explains the entire process, step by step in his video. consists of two pages: One for the merchant and the other for the customer.

The merchant needs to enter his address in the Merchant Address field and click on Set Address on the merchant page of Ruck’s tool.

The Payment Amount field needs to be set to the amount that the customer is paying. Once that is done the merchant clicks on Make Request.

This creates a Payment Request that the customer needs to copy. The copied request needs to be entered on the customer page of in the field Payment Request. Clicking on the Pay button signs the transaction even if the customer’s address is empty.

With it is possible to sign and create a transaction from an address that has not been funded yet. The user will be able to create the transaction even if he doesn’t have the required amount on his wallet.

After clicking on the Pay button the tool creates a Payment Response. The created code needs to be sent back to the merchant, preferably in the form of a QR code. The merchant scans the code or he enters the code in the field Payment Response on the merchant page of

Clicking on Redeem sends the transaction from the customer to the merchant. Any change that is left on the address after the transaction is sent goes back to the customer. According to the developer, this will be ensured by the smart contract of the application. The smart contract also ensures that the coins can only be redeemed once.

In his demo video, Tobias Ruck signs a transaction from an empty wallet. He then deposits the needed funds on the wallet and confirms the transaction. The funds are sent to the merchant's wallet minus the transaction fees which are paid by the person broadcasting the transaction. has received a positive response on social media and online forums. Cointext CTO, Vin Armani said the following about this new app:

“If you can get a microprocessor smart card to do this and interact with a point-of-sale via NFC or chip, you have a billion-dollar company on your hands”.


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