Eric Elwell


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    Eric Elwell


    Digital 6.6 x 10

    Nidwalden by Eric Elwell was awarded Outstanding Digital in the July 2019 BoldBrush Painting Competition.




    Eric Elwell is a concept artist and illustrator based in Houghton, NY. His work blends traditional and digital art techniques. The subject of his work ranges from natural scenes of western New York, to abstract and imaginative environments and characters. Connect with him at

    Artist Statement

    Visual art, to me, is language: a painting is like a speech, a doodle like a joke, a sketch like an unencumbered chat between friends. As language, what comes easily to the tongue are the topics and interests of the imagination. These conversations are often fragmented, unfolding continually as we break from and return to them. The visual dialog, just as the verbal, will vary in intensity and form, and reach its conclusion only when we are satisfied - or when we throw our hands up in frustration.

    My work is developed through a blend of digital tools and traditional mediums, exploring the possibilities and constraints that each offer. The
    digital process is rapid and exploratory, and brings a fresh element of freedom and fluidity. By comparison, traditional mediums are handled with consideration for their material properties. The physical demands connection, contemplation, and meditation.

    The subject matter, often whimsical, is a visual conversation that explores the gray zone between gravity and levity, balancing awkward and uncomfortable comparisons. It is an endless line of “What ifs” and “Envision this” - that invites the viewer into the visual conversation to explore its possibilities.



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