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So last time we have reported that more than 640 cryptocurrencies did not publish any code in 2019. This week we went ahead and listed these coins on CoinCodeCap.

Criteria- Coins that do not have any commits in the last 3 months.

Developers in Crypto #3

In this week’s CoinCodeCap blog post “Developers in Crypto #3, we will talk about more ninja developers -

1- Christian Reitwießner — Ethereum

2- Andrey Sabelnikov — Zano

3- Jonas Schnelli — Bitcoin

Stories of the week 👇 👇

Stories for money nerds

  1. The Monetary Case for Bitcoin — Ben Kaufman
  2. Bitcoin will go below $4.500 and this is why that’s good for everybody — Lucien Lecarme
  3. How to Increase your Bitcoin Holdings in a Bear Market — Julian Molina
  4. Stacking Sats Universe — HashedEntropy

Stories for tech nerds

  1. Proof-of-Work vs. Proof-of-Stake for real idiots — Patrick Wieth
  2. Evaluating Solidity Code Coverage via Opcode Tracing — Ben Hauser
  3. Compiling, Deploying and Interacting with Smart Contract using JavaScript — Saurav Kanchan

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