Analysis examines financial services transformation


The Insured Retirement Institute (IRI), Allianz Life, and LifeYield LLC recently crafted an analysis regarding the significant transformation taking place in the financial services industry.

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Improving Financial Outcomes and Client Confidence Through the Confluence of Human and Digital Advice addresses the changes now underway, enabling financial advisors to provide comprehensive solutions for improved financial outcomes and greater investor confidence.

“The future of financial advice is undergoing a significant transformation in which managing the full household portfolio in a comprehensive and optimized way is the new standard,” said Jack Sharry, executive vice president of LifeYield LLC and a member of the white paper’s advisory board. “Modern annuities will play an important and integrated role in enhancing clients’ ability to achieve their retirement goals.”

The white paper seeks to aid advisors in better meeting the needs of the fast-growing segment of retiree and pre-retiree clients.

The breakdown showed how modern annuities could be incorporated into household-level portfolios and viewed in the context of a broader, more comprehensive plan to help address the challenges clients face as they prepare for and manage their retirement.

The paper authors noted human and digital advice, modern product design, aggregated data solutions are among the tools helping clients visualize their wealth landscape while empowering advisors to provide clarity on how clients can improve financial results across all holdings in a household.

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