How to Post to Instagram From Your Desktop Computer


    This post is by Clint Watson, former art gallery owner and founder of BoldBrush, known for FASO Artist Websites, the leading provider of professional artist websites, the $38,000+ BoldBrush Painting Competition and the free daily art marketing newsletter, FineArtViews. As a self-proclaimed "art fanatic", Clint delights that BoldBrush's downtown San Antonio, Texas office is full of original art, as is his home office which he shares with his two feline assistants Kiara and Lilly. You can connect with Clint on TwitterFacebook or his personal blog at




    In this post, I'll show you how to post to Instagram from your desktop computer in the Chrome web browser. 


    Many artists have written us to say they'd like to use Instagram more, but that they hate having to do everything from their phone.  Especially when all their best images of their artworks reside on their desktop computer.


    You can actually post to Instagram from a desktop, and you don't need to pay for some special third party app to do it.  The method I'm going to share here is free. 


    This method takes advantage of an undocumented little "hack" to post to Instagram from Chrome.  The "trick" is to make Instagram think you are posting from a mobile device.  Fortunately, Chrome gives us an easy way to do that.



    Here's how I normally post to Instagram from Chrome:


    1.  In Chrome, visit (and login if needed)


    2.  Click the menu in the upper right, click "More Tools", Developer Tools


    3.  In the developer tool window that opens, the 2nd icon in the top bar toggles the device toolbar. Click that.


    4.  The device toolbar appears above the web page.  Click it and choose a mobile device.  I usually choose "iPhone X"


    5.  Refresh the page


    6.  You'll now see the regular Instagram app icons at the bottom of the page.


    7.  Click the "+" icon and upload images directly from your computer normally.



    I've created a short video that shows you the process:




    Enjoy posting to Instagram!


    Until next time, please remember that Fortune Favors the Bold Brush.




    Clint Watson

    BoldBrush/FASO Founder & Art Fanatic





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