The Rise of the Sovereign Individual


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Developers In Crypto

Satoshi Nakamoto underpinned the new age of Decentralization. Since then, thousands of developers joined this revolution.

We want to recognize the efforts of these developers so we are starting a series “Developers in Crypto“, where we will discuss some awesome Crypto/Blockchain/Web3 developers and their work.

This week, in CoinCodeCap’s blog post “Developers in Crypto will talk about these developers and their contribution.

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The Rise of the Sovereign Individual

In today’s digital world — as Hong Kong protesters know — finding out who went to which protest is as easy as retrieving data from a database. Whether it is from people’s bank accounts, WeChat, Alipay, or other virtual profiles, the convenience of the status quo inevitably leads to a system of total surveillance, and thus total control.

The solution to this conundrum is enabling privacy by default, which has been the default setting for thousands of years. Neither the internet nor Bitcoin is perfect in this regards, which is why constant vigilance and the development of privacy-enhancing technology are a necessity. Read the full story here…

by Gigi

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