Terry Jarvis


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    Terry Jarvis


    Watercolor 109cm x 63cm

    Venetian Sunlight by Terry Jarvis was awarded Outstanding Watercolor in the June 2019 BoldBrush Painting Competition.




    I was born and grew up in the small Victorian town of Castlemaine. This is where l developed a love and appreciation for the outdoors as a boy, playing in the creeks, fishing in the river and collecting fire wood in the bushland with my Dad. As l grew up in the country, I saw beauty in nature all around me and l had an overwhelming desire to capture it on paper. I started with sketching as a boy and it developed into a passion for my favourite medium, watercolour. For me, painting is like telling a story without the words. I enjoy a varied subject matter ranging from magnificent Australian scenes to paintings of my travels around the world.


    I am a regular tutor through out Australia and overseas and have award winning paintings in private collections world wide. The Forest Gallery is my home where my studio is nestled in the heart of the Wellsford forest near Bendigo Victoria. I am inspired every day by the kangaroo's amongst the gum trees and the ever changing beauty of the forest. I love the challenge that every watercolour painting brings, to catch the light and those special moments in time.



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